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Hi Huneybees,

Are you guys "victims" of money saving? Always on the lookout for promotions for credit cards, but too shy to ask? Sometimes, for hubby and me, it's difficult to decide which card to use at the restaurant we're eating. Who can remember what promotion each card is running right?
I love how the idea behind the logo. The compass 'O' always points to the North 'N', which means the service always points us the right way and the '<' of 'K' means the mathematical term 'less than', means they always get us the cheapest deal!
Fret not! Now there's Notikum! Not only are they are web based service, they have also integrated to mobile apps for iPhones and Androids. Notikum helps to save time by directing you to offers and deals that are relevant to you, based on the search query, your current location and credit cards that you hold! So convenient right?! Everything works with one click, no more "digging" through newspapers, websites and brochures!

We bloggers were invited to the soft launch of Notikum to understand further. 

And definitely, we snapped photos!

We had a sharing time with the Director, Q&A session!

One group photo before we head home to blog!
Ok! I'll show ya guys how simple it is! Let's say it's a friend's birthday and I wana treat her to dinner at ION Orchard but I've a budget to watch, so I go to and type in the relevant words to search as below:

Here's a tip, the more information you type in the search bar, the more efficient and relevant the information provided.

A few deals popped up, which deal would you choose? 

I picked the last one, Fish & Co. and clicked on More Details to find out more.

A map view of the restaurant is shown and on the right there's a list of the other cards that has promotions at the particular restaturant (i.e. Fish & Co.).

So as you can see, Notikum makes everything as simple as ABC, you don't have to spend time cracking your brains to save money! Don't forget to sign up and sign in as they provide a more personalized service, targeting the results to the credit cards that you own.

For more details, check out their website or even link to their Twitter and Facebook page. Don't forget to load the app to your phones, so that you can get the promotions on the go and save yourself some "face" without having to go around asking...  =p

The coolest press kit I've received so far! Credit card thumbdrive!

Christina aka Huney

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