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Hi Huneybees,

This is a impromotu blog post. I was walking around Vivocity while waiting for hubby to end his meeting and these cute characters on the ad in the MRT station caught my eyes....

They said it's at the Central Court of Vivocity and since I'm there, might as well check it out right?

The moment I got up the escalator, I was greeted by this.

So I did a little survey and chose to have a notebook instead of the wallet. Then, I went on to the exhibition. I shall let the photos do all the talking for now (Feel free to click on the bigger to see more clearly...

Everything you have just learnt is under this big house.
And while at it, do check out the stage area as they will be playing games and giving out cute plushies, which I wanted. :)
Nice BG for photo-taking.
I ran upstairs for some phototaking, while watching the audience trying out to stack as much "buildings" as possible to get a chance to win those plushies.

Spot the cute "Beco" and "Greco" mascots for some photos! I wasn't dressed at my best today, but was glad I was in green! :)

I find that the event was very informative, I learnt lots of ways to help save the Earth and also my electrical bills and I think it's a good chance to bring you kids or other family members down to learn and help out too! The exhibition will be ending on the 25th September 2011, so go down this weekend, have fun and have an educational trip!

If you think the exhibition is not enough, go ahead to their website to learn more for your green home and also stand a chance to win an iPad 2 when you become a fan at the BCA Green Buildings Facebook page and play the Green Defenders game!

I've already started playing the game, what about you?

Christina aka Huney

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