Simone Legno in Singapore

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Hi Huneybees!

I'm so excited! Simone Legno (Tokidoki) was in town recently and I caught him first thing he made an appearance at Takashimaya! I don on my Tokidoki cap and asked Joey along as we were catching a movie together later.

The new range of bags.

An invitation was required if you want a drawing, I "borrowed" from a lady behind us.
So happy to see Simone again!

Simone was burying his head deep in his drawings. He was so humble, asking what the fans want him to draw and he stood up next to each fan for photos. So sweet of him right?


I wished I had the money to buy the bags... :X

Then, it was our turn. Simone signed on my sketchbook and I tore the page for Joey, whilst I asked him to help draw on my mobile. Actually, we were not given the drawing as we didn't buy anything, but darling Simone asked whether we wanted drawing and gave us a drawing each!

The Lion King on sketchbook for  Joey.

And after drawing on my mobile, he drew a Merlion for me... :)
A picture with the man himself.
The drawing Joey got.
So after the autograph session, we bid Simone goodbye and we headed over to GV Marina for our Ayumi Hamasaki 3D concert movie. It was amazing to hear her "live" and see her so upclose. It was like she was performing VIP for us! Joey and I was fascinated by how big her eyes was and at one scene, how can she look like a total doll?! 

We caught the first part and I'm contemplating watching the second part late September. Should I?

Christina aka Huney

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