Huney gets a Fun Pack too!

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Hi Huneybees,

I've always been baffled by the mystery of the NDP Fun Pack. Why everyone is so keen to grab one themselves and what is really in the pack??? I know the bags are nicely designed and decorated but something inside must be attractive?  >.<?

So this year, I won myself one (all thanks to Churp Churp) and I got to unravel the mystery myself. Yipee!

There's 4 designs this year drawn by graphic designer, Jesline Teo and I got myself the Vanda Miss Joaqium Orchid one. You can read more about the designs here... or more about the designers here...

The bag has many compartments inside, and design is stylish. I sometimes bring it out to pair with jeans when I'm shopping! :)

On the back,  is an image of Singapore island made up of words that are significant to Singapore. Pretty cute right? I can see it on my t-shirt. LOL!

There's a bag tag this year! Is it every year? I got one half of the Marina Bay skyline and I love how the simple continuous line can easily depict the skyline that easily! And also thanks to the people mentioned on the tag for making the Fun Pack possible.

So now, let's look at all the items in the bag...

There's a mini Singapore flag, where the stand can be used as namecard holder, soft drinks, bottled water, Mr Bean Maracas, biscuits, pen, temporary tattoo, cashcard holder, poncho, etc... I found this list on the official NDP website, there's some not given in the bag I got, but better than nothing right? :)

  • "Stories of the Singapore Spirit" short stories
  • NDP 2011 Collectible Pin
  • "Mr Bean" Maracas
  • Mini Singapore Flag with Stand
  • Light Stick
  • Sun-Visor
  • Mini Hand Fan
  • NDP 2011 Show Souvenir Magazine
  • Green Dot discount coupon booklet
  • NDP 2011 Mini Handphone Screen Wiper
  • “Mr Bean” Face Tattoo
  • “Mr Bean” Scratch n Win Card
  • Bubble Blower
  • Khong Guan Biscuits
  • Fairprice distilled bottled water
  • “Grabz” Fruit Chips
  • NEWater
  • Eu Yan Sang Herbal Soothies
  • Nin Jiom Herbal Candy
  • Everready Batteries- for the light stick
  • Cash Card Holder
  • Singapore Kindness Movement “Singa” Courtesy Campaign Lion Pen
  • Plastic Bag
  • NEA Plastic Bag- for trash
  • Poncho
  • “Singapore Road Safety Council” Tissue Paper
  • “Peach Garden” / “Gim Tim” Wet Tissue
  • “Yeo’s” Asian Drink and Sports Drink
  • “Nestle” Milo Easy Cool
  • “Nestle” Honey Star Cereal
  • “Nestle” White Coffee Sachet

Even plastic bag also nicely designed lor. 
A closer look at some of the items.
The super adorable "Mr Bean" Macaras. Can be used as shaker at NDP or simply open the cap and store some trinklets in it.

See the little beans inside? So soya bean!!

Camwhore a little before I go... :)
I'll be back from my B'dae surprise soon. Stay tuned!

Christina aka Huney

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