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Hi Huneybees,

Other than being at different events these few days, I was also at some movie premieres. Today, I wana talk about Fright Night! I know it's been on screen for awhile, but I know some of you have yet to watch. You can read about the synopsis and watch the trailer here.

I was there at the movie mainly for Colin Farrell. WHAT A HOTTIE! Been loving him since the day he acted as Bullseye in The Daredevil movie. And this time round, he is acting as a vampire! Immediately Edward Cullen came into my mind!

I would call this movie a thriller with little gore, there are times that got me jumping off my seat, screaming "WTF!", but mostly were predictable. Not sure is it because I've watched so many this kind of movie, I was in fact, laughing and smiling more, than getting afraid.

Why laugh? Coz there were cheesy times, and there was also times when Mirai (who sat next to me) was covering her eyes and that got me tickled pink. So guys, get the hint, bring a girl to the movie!

I wouldn't say the movie's got the best plot. Come on, hottie moves into your neighbour-hood, looking pale and devilish, wouldn't you realize something if wrong?

However, there are some concepts that was fresh, like the whole vampire image. I was going to the movies thinking that it's the same coloured contacts and 2 side fangs for the whole vampire look, but this movie proved not so. Don't go thinking all vampires are Twilight-ly pretty, vampires are still monsters afterall!

In fact, the picture I did using the FB app, would be a close image of what the vampires look like in the movie.

Ok! Enough of the ugliness. One other thing I was loving, was definitely the radiance of the female lead, Imogen Poots. She reminded me of Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansson and Dakota Fanning. 

Kate Winslet
Imogen Poots

Left: Dakota Fanning Right: Imogen Poots

Left: Scarlett Johansson Right: Imogen Poots

A little story about her that I got from Wikipedia:

Imogen Gay Poots (born 5 June 1989) is an English actress, best known for playing Tammy in the 2007 film 28 Weeks Later, Prue Sorenson in the 2010 remake of the controversial TV drama Bouquet of Barbed Wire and as Jean Ross in the BBC's Christopher and His Kind.

She was born in Hammersmith, London, England, the daughter of Fiona (née Goodall) and Trevor Poots, a TV producer. She attended the independent and selective Bute House Preparatory School for Girls in Brook Green, Queen's Gate School for Girls and London's Latymer Upper School, where she attained 3 A grades at A-Level.  (Ain't she a clever girl?!) She is a member of theYoung Blood Theatre Company.

She works as a model for Select Model Management and her first movie credit was as Young Valerie in the 2006 film V for Vendatta. Poots has also appeared in 2004 episode of Casualty, in Matt Day's short film, Wish and in the 2007 TV movie Miss Austen Regrets.

I would rate the movie a 3 out of 5 popcorns, given the fact that there are so much eye candy.
Guys who are trying to impress a girl, been trying to grab a hug, act hero, do bring your girls to this movie!

I shall leave you guys with some photos that I took after watching the movie that day. It was fun to be out with my friends. Blogging is fun and you can make new friends!

Love how we fill up rows in cinemas. Special thanks to Steven to helping us take this photo.
A pic with the poster.
And how can I miss a chance with Collin Farrell? Even though is just his head....

Christina aka Huney

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