[Tried & Tested] M.A.C. Jeanius

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Hi Huneybees,



I stashed this M.A.C. purchase one side and forgot about my purchase. Think I have too much makeup that I can't keep tabs already man. I bought this straight after my honeymoon and only got to use it a few days ago. OMG right?!

I only bought the blue eyeshadow and white pearly nail polish as below.

I love this eyeshadow pot. It's designed to look like it's taken from a portion of a pair of jeans.
The eyeshadow powder is pretty light. I had to use a pearl cream base on the eyelids to make the colour stand out and "stick on".

I even got a pair of blue contacts to match...
I used the white nail polish for base on this nail art. It's a matte pearl white nail polish, very Lady Gaga inspired.

I was so inspired by the eyeshadow pot, I decided to do a set of nail art. First I dabbled 3 types of blue nail polish for that rough jean material feel, then I used white to draw on the stripes like the thread on jeans, and finished it off with a rivet button on the thumb.

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Alice Madness Returns

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Hi Huneybees,

I just got the newsletter from EA games and boy, was I excited! They have a new game upcoming and it's part of the American McGee's Alice in Wonderland chronicles.

For those who don't know, this is not some cutesy pink girly game. It's all dark, gothic and Alice comes with a blade who goes killing. I played the first edition and I can't wait for this new game that's coming in June! I almost went crazy trying to finish the game last time and I bet I'm gona spend lotsa time on this one.

Check out the trailer here:

Right now, they have already revealed 2 worlds in the game, Queensland and Mysterious East. I can't wait to see more and for the game to be launched. Interested parties can subscribe to their newsletter at the official site...

Christina aka Huney

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Marks & Spencer Fashion Show @ Vivocity

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Hi Huneybees,

Fashion Week is in and I bet lots of you must have seen some fashion shows going around town. I managed to catch one of the last few over the long weekend and it's a new collection that Marks & Spencer brought in.

Just nice for Summer and the weather in Singapore, the collection is light and comfortable for both genders. And it's the first time they brought in swim wear, which is wonderful for those who love the beaches.

So put on your shades and prepare for the "sunny" fashion show...

Waiting for the show to start.

Taking a pic with mummy dearest while waiting.
Love the intro before catwalk...

The finale walk.
Posing for finale.
One more pic before I leave the Amphitheater.

So, have you all spotted a piece from the collection that you like?
I guess for couples you can even get a few pieces for couple matching clothing on the beach eh?

I'm actually eyeing on a few dresses, maybe I shall get my hubby to sponsor? Hehehehehe....

Christina aka Huney

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New Accessories

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Hi Huneybees,


Not long ago, my hubby got me a new watch just to match my sneakers from ADIDAS, Jeremy Scott wings sneakers collection. We walked past SWATCH and found out that Jeremy Scott did a collaboration with them and now there's a wing watch! It's a all white watch with wings attached (OK, I know that sounds like a sanitary pad) & there's even the designer's signature on the back!

There were 2 other watches, the black frame and the lightning watch. You can see more details here --> http://www.swatch.com/zz_en/watches/jeremyscott.html

Image taken from Swatch website.
Next up, is what I got on this Easter weekend. As it was spoken in my previous entry, I was at a PUMA event and I was infatuated with Dawn Yeoh's get up. So shopping queen - me, made a trip to PUMA boutique at 313 @ Somerset to get myself something, guess what I got...

Guess what I got.
Ta Da!
YES! I got the sneakers!
Let me wear them, model for ya guys to see.
It's all about colours and being cool.
See, even the base is fully decorated.
I wore them out to watch "Arthur" tonight.
The shoes were so comfy, I almost wanted to wear them to sleep ~

Christina aka Huney

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[Get The Look] Going Purple

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Hi Huneybees,

Recently I attended the Puma Social Club finale and being a huge PUMA fan I wanted to give them full support. I remember purple conquered most of the campaign colours, so I decided to dress purple and even used purple on my makeup.

I pulled out my wonderful stockings from Topshop (which I bought during CNY and havn't got the chance to wear them) & paired them with my favourite pair of PUMA shoes.

Love the crazy stripes stockings.

Actually, at first, I had a blue and purple eyeshadow look, but I thrashed it as it was looking a little like I got "blue-black" bruised. I think you will understand when you see the picture below.

An uncompleted look.
I used the M.A.C.'s Marine Ultra from Wonder Woman collection and purple glitter for the look above.
The whole colour feel didn't appeal to me, so I had to remove and redo my makeup, so here's the final look:

A light pink and dark purple glitter eyeshadow were the final colours that I chose.

Added false lashes to the outer half of my eyes for that flutter.

Got myself a pair of purple contact lenses on a last minute decision.

Voila! I feel like a big eye doll the whole night.

I used a gold creme glittery eyeshadow from CANMAKE as a base all over my eyelids. Then I carefully dabbed the glitter pink and purple from M.A.C. on. And then I used a gold shimmering eyeshadow (Bold As Gold) from M.A.C.'s eye palette around the brow bone to finish the whole eye makeup.

TIP: When applying glitter always keep the eye closed and always use a layering effect when applying, bit by bit build up the intensity, so that they don't clump up on your eyes.

A close up on my 2 favourite glitter pots.
Now everything's done, we're ready to set off.


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