Animation Week - Part 2

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Hi Huneybees,

So, here's part 2 of the animation week where I went for Sinema Move! - Screening of Singapore Legends Series, held at Sinema Old School on Mt. Sophia. Those who have read some of my earlier postings, would know where this place is.

I got to know about this program through an ex-lecturer from NYP. They were featuring animation clips done by my fellow junior animators from NYP in a collaboration with NHB, National Heritage Board. Support them eh? And also maybe can check out what others are up in the local scene right?

Arriving at Old School on Mt. Sophia.

These cable cars ain't for riding...
Walking towards Sinema.
These animated films by NYP students are based on Singapore stories and legends in the days of Temasek and the Japanese Occupation.

The show's starting.
Here are the lists of the animations shown to us:

Legend of Bukit Merah (Video's disabled)
This 2D animation project is adapted from a local folktale - The story of Redhill. This story will be based on a local context, with the characters and the environment set in Singapore during the early 19th century. The story centers around a Malay boy, whose ingenius plan helped saved his village from the attacks of swordfishes. The boy hero was later assassinated because his growing popularity triggered the wrath and jealousy of the Sultan.

Immediately a strange phenomenon occurred after the death of the boy hero. Blood flowed and spilled furiously all over the nearby hill till it was covered entirely with soaking blood. Thus the locals named the bizarre landscape as Red Hill or Bukit Merah in Malay.

Legend of Bukit Timah
Many years ago, as oral tradition tell us, an evil sorcerer once lived on Bukit Timah and ruled this hill as his domain. Many trespassers, who foolishly climbed up the hill, were soon turned into stone as punishment. However, a brave hunter by the name of Berani eventually outwitted the dreaded sorcerer by irreversibly turning him into a chicken.

With the defeat of the sorcerer, many victims - warriors and villagers alike were freed from his powerful spell. Thus begins this ambitious and arduous task to create this spell-binding tale of heroism and magic using digital animation.

Legend of The Sisters' Island
Many years ago, as oral tradition tell us, there were 2 beautiful sisters living in simple confinements of island Singapura. Many suitors tried in vain to woo the sisters to be their lovely bride but failed. The sisters were inseparable and refused any hand in marriage. One day a pirate kidnapped the younger of the two and tried to take her into his boat. The two sisters fought to get away from him but alas drown in raging waters. Twin Islands soon appear where they drown and so the legend begins.

Bukit Chandu
This is a story of the 2nd Malay Regiment which defended Chandu Hill during the Second World War against the Japanese invaders. To ensure that these brave soldiers are forever remembered for their sacrifice, our short animation aims to compliment the Bukit Chandu Museum that was established by the National Heritage Board.

I must say I love the "Bukit Chandu" best, not only did they manage to combine 2D and 3D animation together, the way the story was told, really touched my heart. Some audience where joking to the other 3 animations but when they watched "Bukit Chandu" all was quiet. I guess they felt as much agony as me....

What's your comment after watching the animations? Do share...

Christina aka Huney

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