The Happy Union

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Hi Huneybees,

My backache's back. Dang it man...
But one happy thing happened to me over the weekend. I was invited to a wedding at Fort Canning Gallery. It was a union of a Chinese dude, You Kay and a Sikh lady, Shan; who by the way spoke perfect Mandarin.

Ok. I admit, I kinda self invited myself and hubby. You Kay's my Dad's friend's son and only my parents were invited and when my Mum showed me the invitation card, I just had to get myself in there. I've never been to an Indian wedding and I heard they celebrate for 1 week.

But a little to my disappointment, this was a simple affair and everything was kept to minimal. There was still some Indian essence in it, but nonetheless, we were just there to have fun and give our blessings to the couple.

Hmmm, my back's acting up again, so I'm just gona end this entry with some of the pictures I took that day... Take care and I'll update soon!

Walking towards the venue on Fort Canning Park.
The deco of the table used for the noon's solemnization.

The bridal car.

Cute bears eh?
Listening to the JP.
Up comes the little ring bearer.
Beautiful bride right?
Making little jokes that made everyone chuckle.
The deco of the hall.
Little confetti on the table.
While waiting for my turn to the buffet.
Yipee! Food! The section on the back is Indian cuisine.
Couple and little kid coming over to tables for photo taking.
Candies were prepared for Dholi.
Aunties getting ready for Dholi.
Bringing the plate up.
Dholi is demonstrated in the process below. It is like the Chinese wedding, where we give blessings to the couple, but it's with a twist. Here, the couple sits and waits for everyone to come on stage, they feed them candy and give them money and finally their blessings.

A video of the bride's relative explaining what Dholi is all about. Apologies for the shaky hands...

Feeding candy to the bride.
Money is given to the couple.
Aunty holding the note in hand and blesses the couple with it by going round and round on top of their heads.
Father-in-law suggested having the bride pick some numbers for 4D.
Then the couple drives around the compound.
Coming back from the quick spin.
The couple gets a drink each.
The ceremony is over and everyone's dancing.
Pretty bride grabbing a pic.
The couple and their Indian relatives.
Christina aka Huney

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