Animation Week - Part 1

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Hi Huneybees,

How are you guys? I've been on bed most of the time that I'm missing, my back problems are back and I couldn't even stand straight. I'm feeling much better today and the first thing I wana do once I got onto my laptop, I wana publish all those blogs that I've been drafting with my handphone.

Basically, I called it my last 2 weeks the "Animation Week", coz I was back in touch with my roots, back to watching animations done by others. The very first one I attended was the "Canadian Animation Night - the Best of National Film Board of Canada" at ITE Dover. It's a screening of the National Film Board of Canada's collection: "Animation Greats", a collection of old school classical 2D animation.

Arriving at ITE, doing some mingling.
Addressed by the High Commissioner of Canada, David Sevigny
Representative from Toon Boom Animation. Their CEO was stuck in Japan.
A little intro by ITE.
An animation done by the students for "Action Against Hunger"
The program for the night:

The Big Snit, Oscar® nominee
One day in the life of a squabbling, Scrabble-playing couple unaware that a nuclear war is going on just outside their house. By Richard Condie.

Blackfly, Oscar® nominee
A folksinger recounts his battle with the pesky insect in the woods of north Ontario. By Christopher Hinton.

The Cat Came Back, Oscar® nominee

The hilarious attempts to get rid of a little yellow cat. By Cordell Barker.

Get a Job
What's worse than being unemployed and having to look for work? By Brad Caslor.

Getting Started
Procrastination is taken to new heights in this absurd tale of a man avoiding piano practice. By Richard Condie

A musical comedy that rocks to a big-band beat, combining puppet animation with live action. Winner of a dozen international awards. By Martin Barry.


The Lump
A short unattractive man develops an attractive lump on top of his head. By simply buttoning his shirt over his face he changes his life! An animated parody on the superficiality of those qualities that lead to popularity and power. By John Weldon.

Special Delivery, Oscar® winner
Ralph's failure to shovel the front stairs leads to a dead mailman and a vanishing wife. By John Weldon and Eunice Macaulay. 

The ones that I liked best was the "Special Delivery", just simple line works and colouring made me all tickled green. I just couldn't stop laughing while watching the clip. I always believe in  no matter how fanciful your animation is, without a good story, it's still crap. This is definitely one good example.

The other one that I really admired was the "Juke-Bar", although there's this super irritating cockroach screeching but that aside, it's really impressive work considering the amount of work and time is put into the short clip. Frame by frame it's captured and figures were molded. I'm still trying to achieve such patience and skills.

All these clips have inspired me and just when I was about to give up drawing animation, they have have re-sparkled my life and gave me inspiration to carry on this beautiful traditional art. I'll definitely get started on one clip myself... :P

Christina aka Huney

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