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Hi Huneybees,


Not long ago, my hubby got me a new watch just to match my sneakers from ADIDAS, Jeremy Scott wings sneakers collection. We walked past SWATCH and found out that Jeremy Scott did a collaboration with them and now there's a wing watch! It's a all white watch with wings attached (OK, I know that sounds like a sanitary pad) & there's even the designer's signature on the back!

There were 2 other watches, the black frame and the lightning watch. You can see more details here -->

Image taken from Swatch website.
Next up, is what I got on this Easter weekend. As it was spoken in my previous entry, I was at a PUMA event and I was infatuated with Dawn Yeoh's get up. So shopping queen - me, made a trip to PUMA boutique at 313 @ Somerset to get myself something, guess what I got...

Guess what I got.
Ta Da!
YES! I got the sneakers!
Let me wear them, model for ya guys to see.
It's all about colours and being cool.
See, even the base is fully decorated.
I wore them out to watch "Arthur" tonight.
The shoes were so comfy, I almost wanted to wear them to sleep ~

Christina aka Huney

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