Head On Over To Robinsons JEM For J-Beauty Products

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Hi Huneybees,

TGIF! Ready for the weekend? If you are a fan of J-Beauty products, do pop by Robinsons JEM, as Plusone Asia Singapore will be having a Kawaii Popup Store from 23 September to 19 October 2016.

There will be Japanese products ranging from skincare to hair styling and accessories. Look out for their new arrivals and purchase promotions too!

For more details of the instore promotiona and gifts with purchase or upcoming Japanese themed events, stay tuned to their Facebook page: http://bit.ly/2cGrpUP

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[Tried & Tested] Le Mini Macaron Gel Nail Kit

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Hi Huneybees,

When in France, enjoying a few delectable desserts are inevitable. Most popular being the widely loved, rainbow coloured macarons. It's my little sweet escapade whenever I'm in need of one, but today, I'm not talking about food. Rather I'm introducing you to something macaron related.

It's the Le Mini Macaron gel nail kit, where you can get gel manicure nails right in the comfort of your homes. It started as a kickstarter project and I found them selling these super adorable kits in Marseilles' Sephora stores. 

It's so small you can easily have it in your pocket, bring it with you when you are travelling and it's a major money saver compared to those korean DIY gel nail kits sold in stores. You simply need 5 simple steps, foregoing the base coat, top coat and cleansing wipes, you save so many steps and money!

In box set, you get an instructions manual, nail file, cuticle pusher, 10 removal pads, a macaron shaped LED light with USB charger and a soak off gel polish that matches your macaron. I picked the sweetest colour available - Strawberry Pink as I wanted my fingers to be delicious????

Let's take a closer look at the highlight - the macaron LED Light! It's tiny, you can easily bring it anywhere with you and can be powered up with your laptop or your handphone charger.

They are both held together by magnets and if you want to paint your toes, you can easily flip the top over and cure your toe nails too!

The topside has a LED bulb and the bottom side has a concave slot for you to slot your finger in. Each time you activate the light, allows you to cure your nails for 30 seconds and the fact that you can only cure 1 finger a time, can also mean a tedious process.

So, the process if really easy, you simply use the cuticle pusher to softly push the excess cuticle in, rthen use the file to shape your nails as well as to file the surface of your nail to allow the gel polish to 'stick' better to your nails and make the manicure last longer. 

*Note: be sure not to over file the surface as that will make you nails weak, just a slight brush over will do.

Next step is onto the gel nail polish. Be sure to circle the brush several times inside the bottle to remove most of the polish. What you want is a VERY thin coat of nail polish to apply on your nails.

Each coat of polish should be this thin, if it's too thick, it will not dry completely, might chip easily or might feel too hot when you are curing. For me, I prefer the colour to be fully opaque, and that would require 4 coats. 

So, working out the time needed - 30 seconds each coat  X 4 coats X 10 fingers = 1200seconds / 20 minutes in total!

No base coat or top coat is required, there is no sticky feeling after and I like how much time I've saved! This set of manicure lasted me for around 2 weeks, before it starts peeling off like a plastic peel off layer, but it doesn't seem to have hurt my nail bed. 

Or alternatively, when you’re ready to try another color, you can use the remover wipes enclosed to wrap around your fingers and let soak to take the polish off.

They have more colours online and I'm intending to get more, maybe then I can get 1 colour of macaron light per finger? What you think? Hehehehe....

Each gel kit retails for $35, 10ml polishes are $15 and they also have remover kits for $12.50 for 100 remover pads. 

Le Mini Macaron info

And follow along on social media for future info and swatches! 

This is just part of my haul from Paris/Germany.
Stay tuned for more updates! :)

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Singapore Ranked 2nd As Biggest International Beachgoers On Expedia Flip Flop Report 2016

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Hi Huneybees,

It's travel season and if you are one who plan to "nua", consider beach locations. According to the 2016 Expedia® Flip Flop Report (an annual study of the behavior and preferences among beachgoers around the world) released by Expedia.com.sg®, Singapore vacationers are the second biggest international beachgoers!

Expedia’s annual Flip-Flop Report is a usually humorous look at beach behaviors around the world. Are you ready to see Singapore's report?

The 2016 Singapore Flip Flop Report found that Singapore vacationers prefer to travel internationally when it comes to getting their dose of the sun, sand and sea. Report data also revealed that out of all respondents who took a beach vacation during the past 12 months, 96 percent travelled internationally to do so. This number is the second highest globally, with Austrians (98 percent) taking the top spot. In addition, a further 64 percent of us are still on the prowl for our next beach holiday, sealing our status as beach bums.

We Love Our “Me Time” During Vacations

Surprisingly, 82 percent of us prefer to “do nothing” when on a beach vacation, compared with a global average of 74 percent. This could signify that Singapore travelers use beach holidays as an opportunity to wind down from their hectic lives back at home. We are also more likely to go on beach holidays with our family members (73 percent) and use the down-time as a chance to catch-up and bond. This is trait we share with fellow Southeast Asians, with 74 percent of Malaysians, and 79 percent of Thais also opting to take their family members to the beach.

What do we do to get “beach-ready”?

88 percent of Singapore beachgoers admitted that they will never postpone a beach vacation just to get in shape. This number is very much in line with global figures with the exception of Thai travelers, with 32 percent preferring to hit the gym before a holiday.

However, 45 percent of us would go shopping for a new swimwear, with 17 percent choosing to go for spa treatments just to look selfie perfect. On average, we spend an average of SGD$82 on getting “beach-ready” before a trip.

Even when overseas, we love safe, clean and green

Singapore is well known for her cleanliness and safety, and this may have a part to play when beachgoers select their holiday destinations. 92 percent citied clean beaches as being very or somewhat important, while 93 percent felt the same way about the safely of their intended destination. Additionally, 92 percent of us also feel that the weather conditions are an important factor when selecting their intended holiday spot.

What do we do at the beach?

In line with our habit of relaxing while on a vacation, Singapore beachgoers also enjoy their holidays by taking long walks on the beach (62 percent), watching the sunrise or sunset (45 percent) or just spending time watching other holidaymakers at play (46 percent).

Singaporeans are also tops when it comes to WiFi use at the beach, with 68 percent opting to browse the internet and their social media feeds, compared to the global average of just 48 percent. When it comes to posting photos of ourselves in swimwear on social media, 31 percent admitted that they would do so only after reviews and edits. This number is again the highest globally, tied only with beachgoers from Mexico. 

Jaws still haunts us

38 percent of Singapore beachgoers fear shark attacks, and would avoid swimming entirely because of it. Funny as it may be, this same quirk is shared amongst our friends in Malaysia (35 percent)with Hong Kong-ers (53 percent) being the most afraid among all 24 countries polled.

When asked to rank their top fears at the beach, Singaporeans highlighted theft (38 percent), bad weather (15 percent) and drowning (13 percent) as their top three causes for concern.

Survey Methodology

This study was conducted on behalf of Expedia by Northstar, a globally integrated strategic insights consulting firm.  This survey was conducted online from April 6 to April 21, 2016 across North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific using the Kantar-owned GMI (Global Market Insite) and Lightspeed Research amalgamated group of panels.

The study was conducted among 11,115 adults aged 18 years of age and older across 24 countries. Sampling quotas and weighting were used to ensure the sample is representative of each country’s population in terms of age and gender. Assuming a probability sample, the margin of error would be +/-0.93 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

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Terengganu Is Truly Beautiful!

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Hi Huneybees,

Terengganu may seem to a "boring" place with its sleepy fishing villages and extremely quiet beaches that serve as sanctuaries for sea turtles, such as the giant leatherback (Dermocheleys coriaca); but beneath this tranquility hides rich traditional arts, culture and heritage that rewards those who explore it. 

Thanks to a visit to the recently concluded "Beautiful Terengganu 2016" at Singapore Expo Hall 4A, I got a sample of the uniqueness without having to travel 600km (4 hours by flight with a transit at KL or 7 hours by bus) and I must admit I was amazed by some of the things I saw and tried!

Officiated by the Menteri Besar of Terengganu, "Beautiful Terengganu 2016" was a great showcase that promoted Terengganu through various means including "Consumer Show", "Trade Show", " Terengganu Kitchen" traditional foods, local fruits, cultural performances, traditional games and "Travel Mart".

Among the many demonstration and performances held throughout the event, I was especially drawn to Songket Weaving and the Gasing Terbang.

Songket motifs
Songket is a traditional Malay fabric handwoven in silk or cotton threads, using colourful metallic threads to form the songket motifs and is mostly worn today as traditional Malay ceremonial costumes during formal installations and functions as well as many Malay festive occasions and ceremonies. 

Having the opportunity to witness up close and understood the weaving process by speaking to the weaver (thanks to Mr Zainul for his great translation and guide), I was not just impressed by the weaver ability to create beautiful songket motifs among countless threads hanging on the weaving machine but the painstaking laborious and tedious process that required a great deal of concentration from the weaver to complete a piece of traditional songket sarong in 2-3 months' time. No wonder there is a degree (No joke!) in Songkat Weaving!

I almost met a fatal accident - managed to find my balance after been tripped by half-inch thick cord/string (made from bark) laying on the floor - while trying to find a better (closer) spot to catch the performers demonstrating the game of Gasing Terbang to the audience!  

Gasing Terbang also known as Malay Spinning/flying Tops or Gasing Uri specifically in Terengganu is a game used to be very popular in the kampongs throughout Singapore and Malaysia. Unfortunately due to urbanization and computer/mobile games (e.g. Pokemon Go!) this traditional Malay game has almost been forgotten except in villages located in Kelantan and Terengganu!

Having been introduced to its traditional cuisine through the the good folks at AgroBazaar Malaysia @ Singapore in Sultan Gate (along Beach Road) prior to visiting the Beautiful Terengganu 2016, I have had already a very good impression of the foods from Terengganu and hence was looking forward to sampling more at the event. Boy, I wasn't disappointed!

There was a great selection of offering from many food booths at the event as well as a designated area for VIP and Media where traditional cuisines of Terengganu were specially prepared by chefs from selected hotels and resorts under the Malaysian Association of Hotels Terengganu Chapter.
Keropok Lekor in a cup selling like hot cakes at "Beautiful Terengganu 2016"
Special Keropok Lekor comes with local chilli, BBQ and mayonnaise sources!!
Keropok lekor is by far the most popular food sold at the event from the long queues observed at the booths selling them. Eaten as snacks, Keropok lekor is a fish sausage that is made from pounded or minced fish with sago added in to give it a texture that can be easily rolled into sausages. Despite its good smell while it was piping hot, I wasn't a fan of chewy food. 
Pulut Lepa
From afar resembling a mini Otah Otah because of the char banana leaf that wrapped around it, Pulut Lepa is made of pounded fish and grated coconut with a sweet savoury taste rolled in glutinous rice shaped into a sausage and wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over charcoal. Although Pulut Lepa is also available elsewhere in Malaysia but those versions use prawns and lots more spices instead of fish, hence a lot more spicy than the Teregganu's version.
Tart Nangka
Instead of using Pineapples, Terengganuans uses Jackfruit to create an unique pastry called Tart Nangka. By pureed the Jackfruit and cooked with sugar and some flour, butter and sometimes with additional almond powder, Tart Nangka is doughy and tastes a bit like bread.

Ketupat Palas
With some many others interesting food available to sample including Ketupat Palas (glutinous rice with breef serunding), Akok Berlauk (a savoury sponge cake with shredded beef fried with onion and shallots as filling), Kayu Keramat (deep fried bread dough sold during breakfast time), etc, I was spoil with choices. 
Kayu Keramat
However, I do have a favourite and it has to be Qasidah, which is a dough-like sweet made from flour, coconut milk, eggs and sugar with pandan leaves for its aroma and taste. Simply Scrumptious!
With such an opportunity to see, feel and experience the uniqueness of Terengganu through  "Beautiful Terengganu 2016", I am definitely putting Terengganu as one of my must-go weekend getaway destination in the coming months!

See you soon my beautiful Terengganu!

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Pop, Fold, Detangle With Wet Brush

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Hi Huneybees,

It's my birthday today and I want to share with you a product that I have been using on my travels! You have probably heard about the Wet Brush and I've also reviewed it before - The Wet Brush and the Wet Brush Dazzlers, now they have a newly upgraded version  - Wet Brush Pop Fold!

Bristles comparison between the Wet Brush and the Wet Brush Pop Fold.

I've been a fan of the Wet Brush for years. Ever since my unicorn coloured hair. I've always struggled with tangles and it's always so difficult to comb through my hair. With the Wet Brush, I do not have to hurt my hair by tugging and pulling my hair through the day, giving me headaches.

Even though I have "recovered" my dry hair, I'm still consistently using the Wet Brush and I'm glad there's the palm-sized Pop Fold version where I can comb through my hair and fix my wind-blown hair anytime, anywhere!

It is the Wet Brush in collapsible version and unlike the Dazzler, the bristles can now be protected! Here's more reason why you should give the Wet Brush Pop Fold a try... 

To purchase the Wet Brush Pop Fold, go to http://suzannibeaute.com.sg/products.html?brand=133. Have a detangling great new month!

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