Come Join The Fun At the Art Carnival At The Padang Tonight!

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Hi Huneybees,

The Padang, an open green field in the heart of Singapore, well known as a hosting venue for Singapore's Nation Day Parade (NDP) as well as numerous outdoor sports such as rugby, cricket and Formula 1 races, has been transformed into a party space for art lovers and their families for 3 days from 27th till 29th November.

Percussion Jam by Mohamed Noor
As part of the National Gallery Singapore's opening celebrations, Padang will play host to the Art Carnival titled "Share the Hope". Public will be able to experience the rich heritage of Singapore and Southeast Asian art with a weekend of interactive art installations, community art workshops and artisan treats from 5pm midnight. 

Walk The Line by Bonfire (Xyn Foo)
Wish Upon A Sphere By Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2016
Draw, Weave, Knot By Tay Bee Aye
The carnival was officiated by President of Singapore - Tony Tan Keng Yam on 27th November, and will be taking place across five large tents, together forming a giant pentagon on the Padang, each focus on a specific theme - namely ‘Family and Community’, ‘Adversity and Conflict’, ‘Passion and Love’, ‘Rebirth and Peace’, and ‘Food and Beverage'.

President Tony Tan Keng Yam examines an artwork along the Art Connector with his wife and Grace Fu
President Tony Tan Keng Yam examines an artwork along the Art Connector with his wife and Grace Fu
President Tony Tan Keng Yam examines an artwork along the Art Connector with his wife and Grace Fu
The star of the Art Carnival belongs to a stunning display of light, sound and visuals set against the building facade of the newly transformed National Gallery Singapore. Inspired by the art within its walls, this show will run from 8pm, 9pm and 10pm for all three days.

As tonight is the last day of the Art Carnival, this show is not to be missed!

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Come & Soak In The Japanese Culture At Anime Festival Asia 2015!

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Hi Huneybees,

Hooray! The region's biggest premier festival for Japanese Popular Culture and anime returns to Singapore starting today till 29th November with a refreshed I Love Anisong Concerts that comprises almost all-new artiste line-up.

Up Close with Yurika Endō (遠藤 ゆりか), Yumiri Hanamori (花守 ゆみり ) and MICHI, the voice actresses.
Come and take pictures with your favourite Japanese idol from CHEERZ
This year's Anime Festival Asia 2015 (AFASG15) is certainly bigger and better than before. Covering all 6 halls of Level 4 and with an extended area on Level 3 for the first time, the festival ground features close to 200 booths, almost doubling last year's number, that includes an expanded Creator's Hub with over 100 booths of fan-made merchandise from book marks to fan arts plus more anime-themed food options, such as Love Life! Parfait, for anime fans to enjoy while refuel and recharge. Perfecto!

Remember to get your Manga character created by Manga artist at NHK World TV booth!
Take a picture with DOMO or use your artistic talent to win a DOMO plushie!
Get refuel and recharged at LoveLive!
While Anime fans could look forward to exciting themed anime showcase, including the first ever Movie  International Premiere of Garokawa - Restore the World, AFASG15 will for the first time introduce a comedy component with 10 Japanese comedian groups such as household names like Seiji Chihara, Tomonori Jinnai and Tutorial.

Cosplay is always associated with anime, among others (such as well as manga and video games), and for AFASG15, there is no exception. Apart from die-hard cosplayers coming together in force to support the local cosplay culture, AFA's Regional Cosplay Championship will be held today, as five regional cosplay groups from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, competing for the ultimate cosplay honors.

With so much happening within these three days, no wonder many anime fans actually camped overnight since last evening inside Suntec City Convention Centre just to be the first few to grab those merchandises and/or the spot for an artiste autograph!

Queue, Queue, Queue...Buy, Buy, Buy....

There was already a long queue to ODEX Anime Merchandise store at 930am on Friday!
Just to give you a prospective, by 12 noon on the opening day, many AFA products have already been sold out at many stores! Interestingly, I noticed die-hard anime fans putting up signs in hope for a swap of autographs slot and/or even offering to buy specific artist's autographs from lucky anime fans!!

Die-hard Anime Fans waiting orderly for the next Artiste Autograph session
Everything is selling fast at AFASG2015!
While at a corner outside the festival hall, I bumped into Misuta Kobai who has prepared packs of sweets for anime friends that he has made on Facebook as a gesture of gratitude towards them! What a sweet guy!

There are many things to see, experience and discover daily at the Anime festival, so do come down and join the fun even if you are clueless about the whole anime, manga, gaming and cosplay cultures.

Hope to bump into my Huneybees at the festival this weekend!

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BreadTalk Unrolls A Brand New Concept Store

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Hi Huneybees,

A brand new BreadTalk is now open at VivoCity after a little "nip and tuck" in the aid to rebrand their stores for a more natural touch to celebrate baking as well as digital engagement for their customers.

No ribbon cutting ceremony but a hand press to officiate the unveiling of the new BreadTalk store.
The store has taken on a more spacious layout with neutral colour palette, using oak veneers that brightens this 700 sq ft space up and accentuate the appeal of golden baked breads. 

Right in the middle of the store is a centre piece Island Bar to bring attention to their Chefs specials and beautifully made breads from  a selection of premium natural ingredients such as Japanese-milled flour and pure butter from New Zealand.

This is the first new concept store to be launched and gradually you will see more stores going through the facelift as they take on a global change. BreadTalk is also the first bakery brand to make use of interactive digital interactive to improve their productivity and reduce food wastage as well as to engage their customers.

With e-Scheduling, productivity can be improved by at least 3% and along with the e-Production, food wastage can be reduced by an estimated 20%. This integrated system also connects the internal kitchen baking process to the external digital screens in-store, where shoppers passing by can be notified of the new batch of freshly baked breads. For those working nearby, you can also register your mobile devices with the store and be prompted in advance when your favourite breads are ready! Say YAY to convenience!!!

Last 2 puzzle pieces to "Global Joy" were added by Chairman Mr George Quek and wife.
At the unveiling event, we got to share our very own recipe for joy to piece up the media board and we also got to go check out the brand new items introduced for the first time! There are over 50 new items specially developed by international chefs - Chef Shin Horie (Japan), Chef Alan Zou (Taiwan) and Chef Janson Loo (Singapore).

We got to taste a few of the new creations and I'm loving the Himalayan Pink Salt Roll together with the Hokkaido Snow Roll and Rice Chiffon

The Himalayan Pink Salt Roll might seem like your usual hot cross bun but one bite into it, you will find that the soft layered inside paired with the slight salty and sweet Himalayan Pink Salt, I'm finding myself abandoning my favourite buttered croissant. I'm thinking about everyday and every time I get pass VivoCity, I'm sure to drop by for a few of them.

In Mrs Quek's hands are the Hokkaido Snow Roll and Rice Chiffon. As you all know, I'm a fan of cheese, so the Hokkaido Snow Roll, being that white, velvety soft cheesecake, I'm already bias-ly sold. And if you like something light for breakfast, away from all the creamy filled buns or butter, you can definitely opt for the very unique Rice Chiffon. It will be an airy, light start for the day! :)

Of course, there are also a ton of other selections to suit your taste buds; some of them include the Snow White Yam, Sweet Potato Volcano, Red Bean Queen, Mala Chicken, etc. 

Psst, they also have the Christmas log cakes all ready for the festive season! =)

This BreadTalk concept store is located at #B2-34 in VivoCity right at the HarbourFront MRT entrance. But of course, all outlets across Singapore will be reinvigorated progressively to sport the new concept's contemporary interiors. China, Thailand and Indonesia will also see the progressive change in 2016... :)

For more information, head on over to

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[What's new] Yes To Morning Kisses With DENTISTE'

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Hi Huneybees,

See the picture above? That's me and hubby sharing a kissing in a shadow box! I was a little blushing coz after all, the Orchard Road shopping crowd were just outside looking. We're not fans of PDA and though our faces were not shown, I still got the jitters...

I love this first kiss kinda feeling and all thanks to DENTISTE' for having this special "Singapore's 1st DENTISTE' KISSING SILHOUETTE" event, I got to have this precious moment with hubby... (๑→‿←๑)

Yes, kissing may be a way of showing affections, but I always think it's ridiculous to see those lovers in movies, waking up and kissing each other in bed. Seriously, no morning breath meh?!

But hey! Morning breath can really be reduced!

Promoted as night time toothpaste, DENTISTE' is here to solve that embarrassing moment by reducing those irritating oral bacteria whist we sleep. These bacteria are built up during our sleep, as we produce lesser saliva during that time and together with the warmth in our mouth, these bacteria simply grows and causes the smelly morning breath the next day! EWWWW!!!!

That's where DENTISTE' comes in! With more than 14 kinds of Natural Extracts that serve as Antiseptic and Anti bacteria from Eucalyptus, Fennel, Menta, Catechu, Cinnamon, Comiphora, Glycynhiza, Ratanhia, Myrhis, Sage, Cloves, Salvia, Anise, Ginger; along with Xylitol and Vitamin C, you can reduce those bad breaths!

So, I'm gona be trying out the toothpaste and see whether it does reduce...
Here's leaving you with a super sweet "kiss" sihouette, it is my best silhouette photo choice. 

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