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Hi Huneybees,

 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

This is the famous opening of the Star Wars saga, which tells of the war between the Dark and Light Side, had garnered a world wide fan base since the first STAR WARS movie hit our cinemas 38 years ago. 
Nearly four decades later, anticipation is still growing higher as the second ticks away, as we are just a month away to a whole new sequel trilogy, starting with Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens that is scheduled to be launched in December 2015.

Hardcore Star Wars fans like hubby and me, since many months ago, have set up our radars to sweep up all lightsaber-worthy SW collectibles out there. If you think Star Wars T-shirts, figurines and posters are too ordinary, be sure to sit tight as we show Huneybees the Royal Selangor X STAR WARS collection!

The collection features our favourite characters - Darth Vadar, Yoda, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Boba Fett and Stormtrooper, intricately made from pewter, so that all Huneybees could relive the scenes from the STAR WARS saga as though all of us were riding in the Millennium Falcon through space with the heroes!

Every piece has gone through several rounds of scrutiny, as Lucasfilms / Disney wanted the final products to be exact replica of what you have seen in the films.  Details right down to the expressions, the posture, even down to the weapons were all nicely fitted into these scaled collectibles. True SW Fans can be picky you know...

The infamous Sith Lord Dark Vader Limited Edition Figurine is the undisputed favorite among the crowd

Here are some ideas no how you could display this 23.5cm tall Pewter Darth Vader Figurine after you purchased it =)

It's rare to see Yoda (standing 12.5cm tall)  in fighting posture carrying his lightsaber

A returning character - Han Solo - for the new Star Wars film - The Force Awarkens
The Limited Edition Han Solo Pewter Figurine stands 21cm tall

The detail on the sexy Princess Leia in slave costume figurine was very intricate

Boba Fett is the No.1 Bounty Hunter in Star wars Universe
Trying to recreate a scene here: Boba Fett with his bounty - Han Solo in Carbonite
The highlight of the collection is a diorama which captures the monstrous Rancor in its pit raring to attack Luke Skywalker - a classic scene from the Return Of The Jedi. This set in my opinion this really for the true diehard Star Wars fans (with deep pockets) should get hold of as I am very impressed by the attention paid to the interior setting of the pit itself, which is something many people tends to overlook. 
A limited edition, with only 500 pieces to be ever made, this certainly is the piece for any owner to brag about!!

For the rest of us who wanted to own a piece of the fine craftsmanship of this Royal Selangor X Star Wars collaboration, there are other collectibles in this Star Wars collection that I would recommend.
Top on the list is the Snowspeeder and Millennium Falcon shaped USB flash drives that Huneybees could carry around but do remember to unplug it from your friend's USB port when you are done using it as the temptation from the Dark Side would be strong!

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your husband, boyfriend, or even a colleague, the Star Wars cufflinks - comes in either the Imperial or Rebel design, is a definitely the perfect choice to stand out from the rest.

Mugs and tumblers are another good choice to pamper yourself or as a gift if you wish to impress.
In this collection, however, mugs come only in Dark Vader and C3-PO mask designs while mask if Stormtrooper and Boba Fett are available only in tumbler.

Amongst all collectibles from this Royal Selangor X Star Wars collection, I found the Death Star trinket box very interesting! Not only because of its design as a trinket box but also its usable size of 10cm diameter  by 9.5cm in height which could allow me to store decent amount of ear rings, necklace and other small accessories. 

The first of its kind Royal Selangor x Star Wars eye-catching pop-up store in Singapore, itis located at Suntec City Mall and is opened to public from 13th to 22nd November. Do remember to catch the lif-size replica of Han Solo in Carbonite, which is unfortunately NOT-FOR-SALES.

Yours truely Queen Bee in her Star Wars OOTD

Your only chance to catch the life-sized replica of Han Solo in Carbonite at the pop-up store in Suntec City

Yours truly Queen Bee is signing off from the event

Understood from the good people at Royal Selangor that there will be more waves of Star Wars collectibles to be introduced in the near future and I really hope to see R2D2 as well as the new Star Wars characters like Kylo Ren in the next wave of Royal Selangor X STAR WARS collection.

May the force be with you =)

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