Why Did I Have To Miss SUUPAA JAPAN?!!!

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Hi Huneybees,

Last Saturday, SUUPAA JAPAN (スーパージャパン) presented by WAKUWAKU JAPAN happened. But Huney here was struck again with backache from the aftermath of the surgery and couldn't make it to the event. I was so excited for it and even prepared a set of yutaka to wear to... WAAAAA~~ .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

Thank god for my sweet hubby who made the trip down and helped me cover the event. He brought back the photos and souvenirs for me, so i was depressed no more. :)

So if you didn't make it down to SUUPAA JAPAN or were only there for the night party, these was the few happening things that you might have missed too...

1) Special Guest Appearance by Takeru Satoh (佐藤 健)

This cutie that we have been in pretty memorable Japanese productions. He first made an appearance in 2007 in the drama Kamen Rider Den-O and best known as Rurōni Kenshin in the movies - Rurōni Kenshin (2012) and Rurōni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno (2014).  

Though he might have seemed a little too 'chok' 誇らしい (* hope this is right translation) during the media session, but on this bright, sunshine day, he was all smiles, to find that he have so many fans outside Japan, here in Singapore!

Takeru-san stars in the Bakuman movie that will be screened in Singapore on 19 November 2015, be sure to book your tickets early! 


Moritaka Mashiro is a talented artist who thought that he would work as an office boy after graduation as he doesn't want to follow the footsteps of his manga artist uncle who died of exhaustion. Things begin to change when he meets and falls in love with Azuki Miho, a girl who wishes to become a famous voice actress. Meanwhile, Akito Takagi is an award-winning writer, who wishes to be a manga artist. Upon learning about Mashiro's drawing skills, Takagi decides to persuade him into creating a manga with him in exchange for helping him engage with his crush Miho.

2) Special blend of traditional and new-age Dance Showcases

Seeing the kawaii ladies from Nebuta-odori from Aomori and KYUSHU-DANJI SHINSENGUMI coming together to combine the traditional Nebuta-odori dance that takes place during the Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori Prefecture, with break dance skills under the white canopy, breathes a refreshing take on what dance is today.

This combination performed by young Japanese of today made the whole festival so much more lively and we even got audience crowding and dancing along to the great music!

KYUSHU-DANJI SHINSENGUMI - a 20 man break dance group made up of students from Fukuoka Prefecture, have proved themselves as Japan's best young break dance group with their multiple appearance on TV, conquering countless championships and emerging as winners in the Youth category of 2015's World of Dance. 

During the day session, we also saw the Suzume-odori (sparrow dance) from Sendai. Based on the fluttering movements of skipping sparrows, the dancers were prancing, jumping, skipping and dancing with such light, graceful moves.

They even came down the stage and taught the audience some of their moves! It was great to get to know more about the Japanese culture eh?

3) Japanese Street Stalls

This is a symbolic must-have in every traditional Japanese festival, I remember watching Japanese movies and anime especially that the ladies will be dressed in kimonos and strolling down these street stalls together with their friends or boyfriends. 

Amidst the shaved ice, edamame, karaage (Japanese fried chicken), grilled corn and sausages, instant noodles (Japan still makes them better), there was also games like ring toss and yo-yo fishing as well as Japanese anime masks for you to transform into your favorite characters!

I think the SUUPAA JAPAN makes a great time for parents and kids or friends to spend quality time together, forget about all those stressful work and spend time bonding together by the beachside. I hope they hold these matsuri events more! I MUST be there for the next round! =X

All these are made possible by WAKUWAKU JAPAN to introduce to us some of the Japan's hidden gems and they are all just not about animes and manga-s.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN is a 24/7 TV channel exclusively producing Japanese contents such as dramas, films, music, animation/special effects, sports, culture, entertainment, documentaries, and was launched in Singapore back in July 2015. 

You can watch it on SingTel TV and for more information, go to --- http://sgp.wakuwakujapan.tv/en/#block-howto03

Have a great week ahead and do share your experience if you were at SUUPAA JAPAN too! :)

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