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Hi Huneybees,

See the picture above? That's me and hubby sharing a kissing in a shadow box! I was a little blushing coz after all, the Orchard Road shopping crowd were just outside looking. We're not fans of PDA and though our faces were not shown, I still got the jitters...

I love this first kiss kinda feeling and all thanks to DENTISTE' for having this special "Singapore's 1st DENTISTE' KISSING SILHOUETTE" event, I got to have this precious moment with hubby... (๑→‿←๑)

Yes, kissing may be a way of showing affections, but I always think it's ridiculous to see those lovers in movies, waking up and kissing each other in bed. Seriously, no morning breath meh?!

But hey! Morning breath can really be reduced!

Promoted as night time toothpaste, DENTISTE' is here to solve that embarrassing moment by reducing those irritating oral bacteria whist we sleep. These bacteria are built up during our sleep, as we produce lesser saliva during that time and together with the warmth in our mouth, these bacteria simply grows and causes the smelly morning breath the next day! EWWWW!!!!

That's where DENTISTE' comes in! With more than 14 kinds of Natural Extracts that serve as Antiseptic and Anti bacteria from Eucalyptus, Fennel, Menta, Catechu, Cinnamon, Comiphora, Glycynhiza, Ratanhia, Myrhis, Sage, Cloves, Salvia, Anise, Ginger; along with Xylitol and Vitamin C, you can reduce those bad breaths!

So, I'm gona be trying out the toothpaste and see whether it does reduce...
Here's leaving you with a super sweet "kiss" sihouette, it is my best silhouette photo choice. 

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