Bringing Friends & Families Together With "Singapore Invites"

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Hi Huneybees,

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly
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This song sung by Frank Sinatra is simply every wanderlust dreamers' theme song and yes, it is mine too! Singapore Tourism Board - STB will be making this dream come true by flying 25 lucky winners to my home, MY SINGAPORE!!!!

We may have friends, relatives, and loved ones from around the world, and across myriad cultures. Singapore itself often becomes a backdrop to strike bonds with these loved ones over a tapestry of shared Singapore experiences.

To celebrate these wonderfully diverse relationships, “Singapore Invites” is a new initiative launched by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), encouraging people from all over the world to invite their loved ones to experience Singapore together.

Anyone around the world who has a story to share about their relationships or a vivid anecdote about a slice of Singapore they want to relive or experience, can participate and stand a chance to win a trip to Singapore with and for their overseas loved ones (*The invitee must be based outside of Singapore). Participants simply need to share a photo of an experience they would like to share with their intended invitee on Instagram and hashtag it with their country of residence (e.g. #Singapore) and #SingaporeInvites. Alternatively, entries can be submitted via The contest period runs from 18 October to 6 December 2015.

One Dance to bring friends together

The “Singapore Invites” initiative is inspired by real stories of today’s cosmopolitan relationships. In the lead up to this project, STB unearthed many heart-warming stories, including one featuring Singaporean couple Marcus Tan and Rachel Lee, who are passionate dancers.

The duo had serendipitously met New York based American couple Michael Fields and Kai-Ti Kao last year in the States when they went to further their dance techniques and have kept in touch via social media since.

The chance to connect their New York friends with the Singapore dance community was what motivated Marcus and Rachel to invite their dance counterparts to visit. “When we went to America, he showed us around so we wanted to repay the favour. Dance is a social thing. As long as there is someone who shares the passion, we can immediately click,” said Tan.

For Fields and Kao, their first Singapore experience was a cherished one. While both were glad to see Singapore’s dance culture celebrated and embraced, Fields felt that it was the people that made it unique. “I really enjoyed my whole journey here in Singapore. You can feel that it’s the people who make it so special,” said Fields.

Searching for a long lost friend

While a shared passion for dance was what brought the two couples together, it was the opportunity to reconnect and reminisce that spurred internationally renowned Singapore actress and singer Kit Chan to want to invite a childhood friend back to Singapore.

"She was my childhood best friend, Lina Yap. When she was 15, her entire family migrated to the US. We would write to each other all the time. She would write these very lengthy letters telling me about how she was adjusting to high school life in the US. But at one point, we all got busy with life and we lost touch with each other," Chan recounted. "I’d definitely take her to one of my favourite places in Singapore, which is the Esplanade, and we could watch a show together."

For more details on Singapore Invites, contest mechanisms, and more inspirational stories that celebrate relationships, visit: Here's more of the contest T&Cs, so get posting and can't wait to see your submitted stories!  :)

This Contest is open to all legal residents of any country. Participants who are below the age of 18 must have their parent’s or legal guardian’s written permission to participate.

Participants are required to submit a photo, in jpeg format and no bigger than 500KB in size accompanied by a description of up to 150 words describing:

  • Who the participant wishes to invite to Singapore (up to 3);
  • Why the participant wants to invite these guests to Singapore; and
  • An experience that they would like to share with their guests.

Participants can submit their entries via two methods:

  • The Singapore Invites website at
  • Participant’s Instagram account with the hashtags #SingaporeInvites followed by a country hashtag based on participants’ country of residence. (For example, a participant from Singapore will use #SingaporeInvites #Singapore.


  • Relevance – what is the significance of the reunion, and why?
  • Originality and Creativity – why have you chosen this dream experience for your family and friends, and what’s so special about it?
  • Popularity – how many “Likes” did your invite receive on our site?
  • Aesthetics – is your photo well-taken?

Return Economy Class ticket(s) to Singapore (including travel insurance and visa application fee, if applicable), 3 nights’ accommodation and that dream experience indicated in the participant’s invite submission

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