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Hi Huneybees,

The last week of October was fun packed with so many events and before the whole Digital Fashion Week 2015 started, we were treated to a colourful night of death defying stunts under the distinctive blue and yellow BIG TOP Tent along Marina Bay.

Yes! After 10 years of waiting, the renowned circus act, Cirque du Soleil has returned with a show - TOTEM, to bring us back in time. Forgoing the conventional circus shows, TOTEM is all about showing us the wonders of what our human body can do through acrobatic acts.

Named as TOTEM, the show traces the evolution of mankind, from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly, like the thunderbird on the top of the totem pole. Inspired by many founding myths, between science and legend, TOTEM explores the bind of Man with other species, his dreams and his infinite potential, told through a myriad of colourful performances and a little a bit of magic.

Stepping into the tent was as though a trip with Doctor Who, travelling to different realms and going onto different adventures to meet new friends through a Darwin-esque World. Whilst waiting for the show to start, one can be entertained by the clowns, mingling and walking amongst the audiences. My favourite is the Tracker who has the light up hat. He's so agile and work the hat as though it was another limp's of his. Can someone tell me where the switch is?

Stepping into the tent, we were greeted by the huge turtle shell right in the middle of the stage. And talking about the stage, I have to give 5 stars to the set designer! The middle mechanised platform, not only works as a bridge between 2 platforms, but also extends out like a UFO landing platform and ultimately, a speedboat that folds backwards to allow the clowns to exit!

The magic begins when the fabric covering the giant turtle shell is pulled to reveal the amphibian gymnasts. gracefully hopping from bar to bar of what seems to be the bones of the turtle. Through the linkage of water in all forms - from ripples in a pool to surf waves, different acts are carried out. 

Though some of the acrobatics acts are what we might have seen, but through the Cirque Du Soleil's repackaging, it was an all new experience for us. A few acts left a strong impression in our heads when we left and one that we got to see upclose and personal during the media session was the Russian Bars sequence.
Acrobats in the form of aliens with illuminated helmets and UV reflective suits bounce from plank to plank that is just 10cm wide, had us holding our breaths throughout the whole routine. Imagine being thrown up into the air and landing in planks that only allow you to stand with feet one ahead of another with no safety net below, I bet no one in the audience can breathe too!

One of those involved in the act is Nikita Moiseev, who has been with Totem ever since it started six years ago. The 20-year-old was born on tour on an Alegria show and he has been with Cirque du Soleil all his life. Nikita’s father, Alexander Moiseev, is the coach of the Russian Bars act and was the first to design & perform the Russian Bars around 30 years ago!

The duo acts were exceptionally beautiful, I was intrigued by the playful love story by Fixed Trapeze Duo, the beautiful marriage between the Roller Skates lover as well as the chemistry between the Hoop Dancers.

Hung high above ground, the Trapeze duo were like 2 lovebirds, playing and entangling between each other, playing the hard to get game. It was as though these 2 were tied together with an invisible rope, so inseperable ~

The Hoop Dancers jumping through those small little hoops were already an amazing feat, but having to work a few together to portray different characters, telling a story through their dance whilst synchronizing with each other, could only tell how much hard work has been put together just for that few minutes.

If only weddings were this spectacular, I bet every bride and groom will be learning roller skates. Kept within the circumference of a drum, the princess bride and her groom performs death defying acts, twirling round and round, getting lifted and flung out by the groom's neck is definitely the first to see. We definitely have to give our kudos to Cirque for turning our usual day roller skating into a spectacular circus act.

All in all, this 2 hours of pure entertainment was well spent for a break from a week's of hard work. It would make a magical time to spend with your kids and loved ones, leaving you gobsmacked by the limitless power Mankind has in the small body.

Cirque Du Soleil's TOTEM will run from 28 October to 6 December with tickets available on SISTICFor more information about Cirque du Soleil, visit

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