Sentosa Buskers Festival 2011 - Performances

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Hi Huneybees,

The Sentosa Buskers Festival ended today. Which performance you guys caught? I only manage to catch 6 performances, pretty sad that I couldn't "catch" them all, but nonetheless let me share the photos with you...

The first one that I caught was by Jonathan Acorn. He's from New Zealand and he was wacky! He had a few tricks up his sleeves, tickled me silly and I am so in love with his dead fish tie. Our Singapore weather was getting to him, but he went on with his performance even though his shirt was all wet before he started performing.

Introducing himself.

Then, there was another New Zealand-er, Louise Kerr aka Miss Sport Suzie. She's cranky and clowny, but she has muscles and wonderful skills to keep us entertained for that 30 mins slot! She reminds me alot of Sue Sylvester from "Glee", not only in physique but also the way she acts....

Having fun watching the videos? There's more. Next up, Valentino from Macedonia and his Jazz Puppets.

Valentino getting ready.

Valentino is hailed as one of the world's finest professional puppeteers. He performed with his hand-crafted Jazz Puppets deftly, singing and swaying with the music, entertaining and humoring the audience.

How can Miming be missing from street performance right? This year, Sentosa brought in Karcocha from Chile. It's super interesting how actions can keep us entertained, make us laugh. Guess it's truly an act you can say actions speak louder than words.

The next performance made a very strong impression on me. They are a couple jugglers from Japan, called Senmaru & Yuki. They revolutionized the art of "Daikagura"  (talisman for the people, chasing away evil on behalf of the gods of the shrines) into "Edo-Daikagura" (an entertainment for all to enjoy). They totally took my breath away when they balanced and spun objects on an umbrella, controlling them and stopping them as and when they decide. The couple also never forgets to inject humor in their performances, totally enjoyed this one...

The last one I caught was Acromanuel from Denmark. It's said to be a duo, not sure why that day I saw was just 1 guy. The other one on MC? His act is all about acrobatics and stunts, many times he wowed the crowd with his gravity stunts and he stole the Merlion's limelight...

We took the monorail back to Vivocity and we were greeted by this Julius Caesar character, which we believed is David Engel. Anyone can tell me if I'm right?

Did you go for the Festival? Share your photos with me (especially those that I missed)?
More photos can be viewed at my album ---

Christina aka Huney

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