5 Christmas Star Wars Presents For The Princess Leia-s

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Hi Huneybees,

With the impending Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie happening this week, I bet there are tons of die hard SW fans like me crossing their fingers on getting their hands on some of the latest merchandises under their Christmas Tree.

Well, for those still having a headache on what to get for their Princess Leia-s, here's a few that I got as well as some others that I'm secretly wishing Santa puts under my Christmas Tree! Though some of them might require some fast shipping, I still hope these will just help you cure that headache! :)

Photo Credits: Target

If you have not heard, Target now ships to Singapore and we can all get our hands on those US only products too! So, these rings, necklaces and earrings are just a few that I spotted and though they fall into the Mens' section, i doubt any girl will say no to accessories eh?

Simply log into http://intl.target.com/ and search for 'star wars jeweltry' and you will be brought into several pages of bling bling...

Photo Credits: Hot Topic

2. BB-8 Bag

Fast replacing R2D2 as the cutest droid is the bright orange BB-8. Even before we catch the movie, BB-8 is already seen as the face of The Force Awakens with its image printed and used everywhere. That's why this bowler bag from Hot Topic is seen as the "IT" bag amongst SW fans.

*Hot Topic is not available in Singapore, so you might have to arrange for overseas postage...

Photo Credits: Hot Topic

3. Let's Cuddle...

Yup! This t-shirt is from Hot Topic too and it might just come in handy when you just want intimate time with your boyfriends or husbands. Who can say no to ditching beer buddies and snuggle up with their girl for some SW marathon?

4. That Pair of Skywalking Heels

Own those lightsabers and light them up as you strut down the streets. This Irregular Choice x Star Wars Lightsaber Heels was the one I always hoped for, sadly my back does not allow me to own anymore heels, so 1 more pair out there for you to impress your girl ~~~

They are available at SUPERSPACE, Unit 02-18 Orchard Gateway and stocks are running low as there are limited quantity! 

Photo Credits: Forever21

5. X-Wing Bodysuit

Forget about riding in an X-Wing and own it by wearing it! This X-Wing Bodysuit from Forever21 is already in stores and with a cutout and sexy back, every SW fangirl will be looking smoking hot!
But if you are getting for a shy fan, there's many other options in the collection too...

So, here's my Star Wars Wishlist.
Now on to the cinema to catch the new episode! 
Have fun shopping! :)

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