What's 'The Future of Us' Gona Be Like in 2030?

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Hi Huneybees,

As our celebration for Singapore's Golden Jubilee - SG50  is coming to a close soon, our thoughts are put into what our future holds as we celebrate the nation's SG100, SG150 and more to come. How can we all move forward, write a brand new "Story of Us" and come together to grow and improve our lives for our generations to come?

Our forefathers have laid the path turning this island from a fishing kampong to this beautiful metropolitan city that we live in today. So, to give us a glimpse of what the next chapter of Singapore is gona be like, here's introducing 'The Future of Us" Exhibition.

Located within Gardens by the Bay, right next to the Bayfront MRT exit, this dome shaped exhibition area is here to give us an immersive and multi sensory experience to not only show us what our future might be, but also to call on Singaporeans to share their hopes and dreams as steer towards the future and round up Singapore's SG50 year of celebrations!

Upon reaching the exhibition area, you will be greeted by this news bulletin walkway - The Future Express,  which will bring you through 1965, 2015 and 2030 news headlines to showcase Singapore's journey over the last 50 years and a projected view of Singapore's next 15 years.

1965 : The key values that defines us
  • The unity of the people regardless
  • The can-do spirit
  • Openness to others
  • Having a stake in the nation
2015: Celebrating SG50
  • Showcase of nation's SG50 celebrations
  • Forum topics that Singaporeans are concerned about
2030: The Future Express
  • Poignant video message from PM Lee Hsien Loong to urge Singaporeans to work now for the future
  • Quirky headlines such as "100% of the buildings in CBD have edible gardens". What else you think will make the  headlines too?

After which, follow the headlines and proceed into the first dome of the exhibition - Theatre of Generations to see what's installed in the next chapter...

In a Galaxy Far Far Away....

Back in 1965, we had kampong lifestyles and it was all thanks to our forefathers, we were provided with education, better transportation, better medical help, etc. 

In this spectacular 360° Omni theatre-esque projected short film, 2 generations' dreams and hopes were portrayed and shown how it has gone on to inspire the dreams of their grandchildren in 2030. Join Ravina, Yi Xi, Faizal and Joseph as they improve our lifestyles with technology to build on the legacy of our forefathers and aspire towards a better Singapore!

Imagine a world where our lives could be improved with a cleaner and healthier lifestyle; more earth friendly vehicles together with car pool sharing systems, a greener and self sustainable lifestyle where edible gardens take over our rooftops, an energy producing playground that combines fun and creates power or even with everyone's being networked through internet, volunteers and medical help can be easily given through video chats? Wouldn't that make an amazing future for our generations to come?

With that thought in mind, proceed to the next dome - Symphony of the City and experience how grater flexibility in transportation, living spaces and leisure concepts could allow us to set our own rhythm and live to the beat of our own hearts.

This 270° wraparound multimedia screen (one of the largest LED screens ever built in Singapore) with gorgeous graphics reflected on the 3D model of Singapore cityscape and mirrors, we can take a trip through the 2030 vision of Singapore, continuing the character stories from the previous theatre.

There is going to be an endless medley of possibilities, going from underground to above ground and beyond, the screen  changes constantly to showcase how different levels of the city can look like in the future as the nation's hearts beat as one.

Dedicated vacuum tube train systems for our MRTs as well as going underground, allowing us to be on time as well as to make more land space for more buildings and minimizing car traffic jams can be made possible.

And as we turn into what seems like a TRON futuristic city, we do not forget about incorporating nature into our lives. New blue and green developments such as new waterfronts and parks are currently already at the blueprint stage of development and is a possibility in the near future, allowing us to have our very own scenic routes as we go about our daily lives!

Woohoo! Let's work towards this amazing scenery!

OK! Now it's time to proceed on to experience HOME TOMORROW and see how it feels to have all these mentioned come true!

Yup! We are talking about literally building castles (or rather HDBs) in the skies! Welcome to Home Tomorrow where 4 different types of neighbourhoods are showcased - Multi-Generational Living, Smrt Living, Working City Living together with Mature and Heritage Estate Living.

Smart design and technologies could enable us to create closer communities and support active citizenship where we can take charge of our environments, communities and pathways to success. The army could come together and plan strategies, from the HQ or on field through upgraded technology systems or with this amazing new technology, everyone can learn about the environment around us, like just point your gadget at this flower and you will be able to gather information all about it.

Or peep through this Sky Viewer and see what this talk about edible gardens on rooftops is all about.

Our food is grown on the rooftop, we can monitor the situation and growth through the sky viewers and when the time is ripe, food can be collected and delivered through the pulley ferris wheel system. Everyone can do their part and gt involved in sculpting this new future!

So, after going through all these amazing showcases, what are your thoughts? What are your dreams or wishes for Singapore's tomorrow? 

Why not head on over to Blue Skies, the last dome of the exhibition to share them and cast into the digital wishing well. You can then watch them join in the constellation of other wishes in the digital galaxy. There's even Dreamsearchers (telescopes) for you to view those "stars"!

Hehehe... I've penned mine, what about yours?

Fly the flag high and let us all roar as one!   (ლ `Д ́)ლ
You can also view your dreams on 'The Future of Us' website - www.thefutureofus.sg.

Lastly, comes the highlight of the exhibition - The Lion. You simply just have to follow the Thread of Us, a physical and digital thread of words that weaves through the entire exhibition to come into this playground that is all connected to The Lion.

Go on! hop on to one of the swings and when you have filled up all the seats and swing as one, you can power up this machine that creates foam crescent moon and stars to bring our dreams to the skies. Imagine generating energy to power up this beautiful city as we enjoy and have fun as a nation! :)

This vision of our future 2030 Singapore is definitely something I'm looking forward to see in the coming future. I can't wait to see what other possibilities there are to this new chapter of Singapore! :D

Before you leave the exhibition, don't forget to check out and experience some of the innovations offered by the exhibition's partners at The Marketplace. 

'The Future of Us' exhibition is now open till 8th March 206 from 9 am to 9pm daily, including weekends and public holidays and it is free for members of the public. You are encouraged to register for tickets in advance from the exhibition's website - www.thefutureofus.sg. Individuals can book up to 8 tickets per booking.

Let's all come together to create this beautiful and self sustainable city! ROAR!!!!!

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