Jollibee Opens Its First Store In Singapore

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Hi Huneybees,

The favourite and largest fast food chain store in Philippines - Jollibee is now here in Singapore! Their very first store is newly opened in Level 6, Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road and it's already packed with people every single day!

Check out this crowd when I arrived at the place at 11 am on Wednesday morning! It was super packed, I totally had no way in, lucky for the food tasting session, I got in through the side door. Phew!

So, when we got in, we were welcomed by the super cheerful and bright Jollibee. What a treatment for the Queen Bee right? He even did the Gangnam Style dance for us!

Jollibee even danced for the kids and he ended up getting swarmed by them.

Writing food blog posts always makes me hungry...
Are you ready to see what they have on their menu?

Jollibee Chickenjoy - The Best Fried Chicken! Jollibee’s perfectly seasoned fried chicken that’s crispy on the outside; tender and juicy on the inside. *I love that you get chicken meat more than flour!*

You can opt for these meal choices to go with your Jollibee Chickenjoy.
  • 1 pc. Chickenjoy with rice ala carte - 2.80 
  • 1 pc. Chickenjoy Value Meal - 3.80
  • 2 pcs. Chickenjoy with rice ala carte - 5.60
  • 2 pcs. Chickenjoy Value meal - 6.60

* Value Meal: Plus drink

  • Chickenjoy Bucket 6 pcs- 16.00 
  • Chickenjoy Bucket 12 pcs- 32.00

Yumburger with cheese – made with 100% pure beef patty with cheese served with our own special burger dressing all in a soft bun.

Yumburger with TLC - Made with 100% pure beef patty served with mayo, a slice of fresh tomato, crisp lettuce and creamy cheese all in a soft bun.

Double Yumburger with TLC – double the goodness with a serving of two 100% pure beef patty served with mayo, a slice of fresh tomato, crisp lettuce and creamy cheese all in a soft bun.

To make it into a meal:

  • Yumburger with cheese - value meal 4.40
  • Yumburger with TLC -value meal 4.90
  • Double Yumburger with TLC - value meal 6.00 4. Aloha – value meal 6.60

*Value meal: Plus drink and fries

Jollibee Spaghetti - Jollibee’s sweet style spaghetti sauce-now the tastiest and meatiest ever from Jollibee! With the chunkiest slices of savory ham and sausages, loaded with ground beef, served over premium quality noodles and topped with lots of cheese. *Cheese Lovers will definitely love this*

Jollibee Spaghetti Pricing:

  • Spaghetti ala carte 3.00
  • Spaghetti value meal 4.00
  • 1pc. Chickenjoy with Spaghetti value meal- 6.60

*Value Meal: Plus drink

Other delicious meals also incudes...

  • Jolly Hotdog - Jolly Hotdog comes sandwiched in a soft bun with cheese-based topping, grated cheese and tomato catsup. (Jolly Hotdog value meal- 4.90)
  • Burger Steak - 100% pure beef patties that come with a hearty serving of our flavorful mushroom gravy and steamed rice. (Burger Steak ala carte – 4.50 / Burger Steak value meal – 5.50)
  • Jollibee Sundae - Vanilla soft serve topped with chocolate syrup

Sides and Soups
Macaroni Salad – 3.50
Chicken Macaroni Soup – 2.50
Jolly Crispy Fries (Regular – 1.90 Large – 2.75)

 Chocolate Sundae – 1.50
Cone Twirl – 0.70

(Prices are all in SGD)

A picture with some friends I made that day, as well as the store manager.

Thank you Jollibee for the Jolli-cious time!

Visit Jollibee's Singapore Facebook page for more information:

Store Operation Timing
Open daily from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. The store has a seating capacity of 300.


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