What the bug?!

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Hi Huneybees,

When I came back home with hubby today we spotted this little creature hanging around my wardrobe. It's a like a mosquito, like a fly, but super shiny, shimmery like those Scarab bugs in the "Mummy" movies. I tried Googl-ing it, but no results. If you guys know please let me know?

Upon seeing such a beautiful creature, I immediately pulled out our Nikon DSLR and played with our Macro lens. It's been awhile I used Macro and I was super excited that I took 100 over photos just for this insect. I picked out a few nicer ones to show ya guys....

The little insect dropped from the wardrobe and passed away shortly after, wonder is it coz it has a pretty short life or it was injured?

Christina aka Huney

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