[Tried & Tested] Vancouver Hauls - CoverGirl (Part 1)

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Hi Huneybees,

I bet this line: "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful CoverGirl" is nothing unfamiliar to you guys right? All thanks to America's Next Top Model, Cover Girl makeup has gotten the maximum exposure and it has got to me. Before heading to Vancouver, I've already did my research and decided on what I wana buy, but in fact, I got more than I should...

Let me introduce them one by one.

First up, Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Pressed Powder.
It comes with a puff and a mirror. Great for bringing out to touch up.
The age defying and Olay formula attracted me and I've heard so much about the powder being smooth, so I decided to get one for myself, but as you can see below, I chose a colour that was too light, I also look like I was on the set of TWILIGHT.

Other than my wrong choice of colour, I must say the powder did give a smooth finish, but it was too bland to cover up any flaws and I ended up slapping more concealer below, which made my overlook pretty cakey. But now I use this powder for highlights on my face.

So, the next day, I went to get another face powder to suit my face colour. This time, I chose 3 shades darker and prayed that the colour suits me. (Not sure why the London Drugstore had no sample for us to try out, so troublesome).

This powder is under the Clean series, which is good for people with sensitive skin and boy I was glad this powder was for my skin colour! Similar to the other powder, the casing comes with a mirror and puff for easy touch ups. This powder not only gives my face a smooth finish, it works perfect for our weather and gives maximum coverage on my spots and dark circles.

Next up, Smoky Shadow Blast (Silver Sky)

It's a cream base eyshadow and Cover Girl has made it like a markers for super fast and easy eye makeup.
Step 1 is the rounded end (Silver) and Step 2 is the tapered end (Purple).
See the tapered end for Step 2?
Here's the instruction on the back of the packaging.
And I tested the method out on my hand before I proceed. It's a very pretty shiny purple colour which I think is great for both day and night makeup.
See what I mean? You can look professionally made up in just seconds.

One thing I didn't really like was that the cream base eyeshadow crease up pretty easily and the makeup kinda 'disintegrates' in our warm weather in just minutes. So I had to pat on a light silver eyeshadow to make  it stay on longer. Just didn't like the creasing much....

Ok. Here's part one and I'll be updating part two soon....


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