2 Oishii New Local Delights At Ramen Kagetsu Arashi

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Hi Huneybees,

If you are J-crazy like me and have an exquisite palette for Japanese food, you would be delighted to find the 2 new additions to Ramen Kagetsu Arashi an Oishii delight.

The Ginjiro Ramen ($13.90) was the star of the show. Being introduced to me as rich in collagen, I was literally diving into the bouncy noodles with the sweet broth. What makes the bowl of ramen that special has got to be the broth. You could taste the sweetness of pork and with the very unique dried bonito and kelp flavour, I couldn't stop drinking it.

I do like the softness of the Cha Siew pork slice, but I was a little disappointed to find hard boiled eggs instead of the Ajitsuke Tamago (soft boiled egg) which I always prefer. But as the soft boiled egg changes the ramen broth, the hard boiled egg was chosen instead.

Of course, if you insist to have the soft boiled egg, you could always order it on the side.

The black pepper is specially flown in from Japan and try the soy sauce made from Kagetsu Ramen's secret recipe. which has been passed down from generation to generation.
And along with the Ginjiro Ramen, you can have a few add-ons to go with it. One that I would recommend would be the freshly crushed garlic. It enhances the taste of the ramen, making it not as sweet, yet bringing out the strong flavour of the pork bone taste in the broth.

Another would be to have the special in-house seasoned chives prepared daily. It may be a little spicy, but it gives every bite a special kick and oomph, a total twist for your taste buds!

Next, we had the Itameshi Dry Curry Rice ($12.90). Though the sausage was not a big favourite of mine, I must say the thin butter slice and the unique curry sauce when blended together with the slightly scorched rice and egg, it was heaven in my mouth.

I'm always a fan of the crunchy slightly burnt rice and to my surprise, the curry sauce was a little peppery instead of the usual sweet curry. It's very much closer to the fried rice style we have at Zi Char stores, definitely a must-go-to dish.

We also got to try their Gyoza ($6.00). The best way to enjoy the Gyoza-s would be to dip them in a mixture of shoyu, white vinegar and chili oil (layu) together. Totally a highly rated sauce, but consistency in their Gyoza-s is a must.

The first batch of Gyoza-s we had were a little soft, not "burnt" enough on the skin and the filling was definitely more bland compared to the second serving.  I was not a big fan of it though...


Out of curiosity, I also tried the number 1 favorite seller in Japan’s Ramen Kagetsu Arashi -  the Arashi Genkotsu Ramen. 
The Genkotsu Ramen soup had a strong garlic aftertaste, and was overly sweetened with onion. The broth is not as thick as the Ginjiro Ramen. so if  you prefer something light, you could give the Genkotsu Ramen a try...

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