The Arts House Is Turning 10 By "Disappearing"!

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Hi Huneybees,

Last night I was at The Arts House to preview what's installed for us as she turns 10. They will be doing a disappearing act from the arts scene, bringing us to an alternate dimension from 26 March till 6 April 2014. 

What if The Arts House is replaced by a dance club (Morenada), a posh 5-star boutique hotel (The Ponce) as well as a mega bookstore?

Before I go on, I would like to introduce you to one of the highlights -  Quotes, that's happening at The Lawn right in front of the building. Unlike the other programmes, this is a free event every night 8pm from 26 Mar - 6 Apr. The outdoor projection show is developed in collaboration of Epson and CAKE Theatrical Productions.

To celebrate the potency of the written word and the necessity of literature in our lives, Quotes is an open air performance that is based on quotes from the most compelling and inspirational literary giants of our time. Combining performance, evocative soundscape and lush multimedia, Quotes is here to commemorate 10 years of existence and a means to reflect and look forward to the future.

So, what would it be like if a hotel and a dance hall did exist in this building? Well, come on a tour down memory lane with The Historians.

In this room, you will be able to see the preserved items from Morenada and The Ponce.
With the help of these super adorable and fun-loving historians.

Artistic Director - Chong Tse Chien of the Finger Players conceptualized this idea with the anchor show - The Next Page, taking over the entire former Parliament House and re-imagines the space through visual and performance installation show. Imagine what's it like if The Arts House ceases to exist? Come view the remnants of the Morenada and The Ponce as the team of historians shed light on how it used to be...

The Dragon Fruit plays an important role in Morenada as their signature drink is the "Dragon Lady" and lots of celebrities have come by to taste it. See who signed on the coasters!

The Arts House has been changing and reinventing itself for the past 10 years and not it is time for them to leap to the next page as a centre for the writing, writers and ideas...


Check out the room service of The Ponce!

But then, who can share more secrets than a cleaner who has been at the Old Parliament Building for years? Follow her as she cleans and tells you the stories that transpired in the premises in its different functions: from Parliament House to The Arts House, to the dance hall and hotel...

Down the hall, you can find the former Parliamentary Chamber that once stood the dance hall - Morenada. Come in to experience what it is like to be dancing in this hall, where the dance hall patrons speak through the walls in a tongue-in-cheek tribute.

And what's it like staying in such a fancy hotel? You might wana join The Couple In The Hotel Room as they check into The Ponce to rekindle their relationship. Mind you, there are adult subjects involved and things might just get a little steamy ~

Also, while waiting for the different Anchor programmes to be ready, you may wana go through a literary maze, scribble a little excerpt of yours or maybe check out The Next Page, the bookstore that now takes over The Arts House (actually a Pop-Up Bookstore by BOOKSACTUALLY). Here you can find lots of interesting "local" books to understand Singapore even more!

Of course there are more events to check out from 26 March till 6 April 2014. You can find out more at

Do note that there is a charge of $10, $8 (Concession for students, senior citizen and The Arts House members) for The Next Page programmes.
Tickets are avilable at

Have fun my Huneybees! 
Do bring your friends and families along!


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