[Giveaway] Million Arthur SEA - The New Mobile Card Game Is Coming Soon!

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Hi Huneybees,

I went to the recent media conference of Million Arthur SEA with much anticipation and excitement! 
Why you might asked? Simply because Million Arthur SEA is the first English version of the wildly popular mobile RPG card game 拡散性ミリオンアーサー(擴散性 百萬亞瑟王), aka Diffusion Million Arthur.

Developed by SQUARE ENIX, well known for the likes of Final Fantasy series, the Dragon Quest series, and the Kingdom Hearts action RPG series, Diffusion Million Arthur has been released in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, with million players worldwide!

For existing players of Diffusion Million Arthur, Million Arthur SEA comes with English subtitles but retains everything including the original Japanese voice of the characters as well as music for the game composed by popular musician Maeyamada Ken'ichi, otherwise known as Hyadain.

About the game

The story of Million Arthur is written by 鎌池和馬 (Kazuma Kamachi), who is also the brains behind popular light novel series, Toaru Majutsu no Index, and manga series, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. The card illustrations are done by various famous artists in the industry as well, namely Kiyotaka Haimura (A Certain Magical Index), Yuichi Tanaka (A Certain Magical Index, Natsu-iro Kiseki), Hidari (Fractale, Natsu-iro Kiseki), Miho Takeoka (Bungaku Shōjo), Suzuhito Yasuda (Durarara!!, Yozakura Quartet), BUNBUN, Takehito Harada (Disgaea), Kouhaku Kuroboshi (Sky Girls), Tinkle (Ro-Kyu-Bu!), VOFAN (Bakemonogatari, Tokitowa), and Yasu (Toradora!).

How to play the game

YOU ARE THE KING OF BRITAIN! If you can pull out the Excalibur, you are Arthur! Choose from the Sword Castle Faction, Techno Chapter Faction or the Magic Guild Faction and embark on the quest to collect rare cards and grow stronger in battle. 

Explore the lands and defeat faeries (bosses) to obtain cards and tickets which may yield rarer cards! Strengthen your deck by leveling up your cards, or even combining cards to trigger an evolution. Combining two similar cards also activates a Limit Break which increases the card’s max level, making it more powerful and awaken your cards for some interesting illustrations!

Build up your deck and battle bosses and fellow Arthurs to be the King of them all!

Heads up Arthurians! Million Arthur SEA is slated to hit the shores on iOS and Android in mid March 2014! Do check out http://ma.cherrycredits.com/ for more information.

Huney'Z World is giving away an exclusive Million Arthur character pillow (Quinson) to a reader, all you have to do is:
  1. Go to this image on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151954925636254&set=a.123931236253.114155.566861253&type=1&theater
  2. Share the photo on you Facebook
  3. Tag 3 friends with the slogan " Million Arthur is coming to Android and iOS this March!"

This giveaway ends 30th March 2014 and the winner will be selected randomly.
We will be contacting the winner on 31st March 2014.
Non-Singaporean winners bears shipping fees.


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