[Travelogue] Huney Is Off To Penang!

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Hi Huneybees,

I'm off to another trip. This time it was really last minute decision as my sister will be going away again for the year and seeing that it's been a long time since we last went out, me and my family will be heading to Penang, Malaysia for a 3 Day 2 Night trip.

Why Penang? Well, maybe coz TVB has done a great job promoting the Betel Nut Island through their latest drama - Outbound Love (單戀雙城). I've finished watching the drama and though the storyline was a little 'meh', the scenery shot in the drama were pretty breathtaking.

Hopefully, I can get to cover some of the places featured and maybe pose a little like Aimee Chan and her co-stars. LOL!

So anyway, see ya in 3 days time! Selemat Tinggal my Huneybees!


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