Colourful Converse All Star Sneakers for Spring 2014

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Hi Huneybees,

On 26th February 2014, at Art Bar at The Butter Factory, Converse Inc. held a successful Sneakers Clash event for the media and guests to debut its Spring 2014 All Star collection featuring dynamic pops of colors and elevated silhouettes to provoke self-expression. 

Colourful tie-die prints, archive patterns and bold color create functional yet stylish looks perfect for Spring, the highlight of season was the release of the women’s double wedged Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus
The new Converse Spring/Summer 2014 All Star Collection launches globally February 2014.

During the event, media and guests experienced colours from the eyes of the Converse All Star as Art Bar was transformed by the showcases of the Chuck '70, Platform Plus and Tie-Dye collections.

The highlight of the evening was a Sneakers Clash art installation by urban artists Inkten and Clogtwo. The installation illustrated how colours have changed our lives – from mundane to exciting, from a grey to a vibrant world. Inkten and Clogtwo had picked out everyday boring items - namely an old door, a printer, a worn out office swivel chair, an old boxy TV and an unassuming traffic cone - and breathed a new life into them by giving them colours. The dull everyday items featured in the installation represents monotony – a world of grey. Using them as a blank canvas, the artists unleashed their creative expression to illustrate how colours can defy norm, and transform and clash against greyness.

Guests also participated in two interactive art activities that allowed them to express themselves with colours. One was an art wall that guests drew and wrote messages on and the other one involved them shooting paint on to plain Chucks mounted on the wall.

Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus 
Description: An all-new silhouette, the Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus takes the iconic sneaker to new 
heights adding a feminine touch to a sporty silhouette. With over two inches of a concealed wedge, the 
Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus gives your feet a dramatic burst of bold of colour. 
Available Colors: Black, Diva Pink, Nightshade, White 
Suggested Retail Price: $129.90 SGD

Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye 
Description: The Chuck Taylor All Star Tie-Dye celebrates color to the fullest, showcasing an explosion of 
color in high-top and low-top styles. New marbleized tie-dyes in bright colors are seen throughout the 
collection for a vibrant festival going look. 
Available Colors: Black/White, Nightshade/White, Black/White, Nightshade/White, Mesange/White, Dozar 
Blue/Ensign Blue/Puritan Gray, Red/Radio Blue/Black, Graphite/Old Silver/Oyster Gray 
Suggested Retail Price: $65.90 – $89.90 SGD 


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