I Want To Go To My Little Pony Cafe! Fly Me To Japan Please?

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Hi fellow Pegasisters and Bronies!

A My Little Pony Cafe has popped up in Tokyo, Japan recently!
If only I could ride on Twilight Sparkle's back and fly there now ~~~

Looking at all the photos posted on social media, it seems that for the first time. Equestria has come to life! For a limited time, the Sunday Jam Cafe in the midst of Harajuku has transformed into a My Little Pony themed cafe, with all the lovely, delicious food that Pinkie Pie would have made. Every generation of ponies are gathered here at this themed cafe to meet their fans.

Photos credits: http://nerdist.com/japans-my-little-pony-cafe-looks-magical/
Rainbows, plush ponies splattered all over the cafe, even the dishes served are splattered with My Little Pony traces. Check out the coffee art and prints on the cookie and toast! If only they can have this in every part of the world! Idea? Open 1 here in Singapore? I will surely be reporting there everyday! =X

Photo Credits: http://kotaku.com/
Besides themed dishes, there's also a giant mural, pony plushes scattered around the establishment for you to snap selfies and wefies. Before you leave, don't forget to buy those themed merchandise like notebooks and keychains. 

The My Little Pony Cafe is open until November 29, and then it will revert back to its usual appearance and menu as Sunday Jam. Follow the cafe on Twitter to get more details and if you are Tokyp, be sure to pop on over !!!

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