[Get The Look] Transform Into Mavis Dracula & Sadness With Blue Contact Lens

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Hi Huneybees,

It's Friday and this weekend, I bet you will be out dressing up for Halloween! But if you have been a busy Huneybee and haven't had the time to go get your costumes, your Queen Bee here have a tips for those last minute, fast and simple to get ready look for your Halloween party.

I'm wearing the FreshKon Colors Fusion - Glittering Blue Contact Lens

With just a pair of blue contact lens, I have 2 looks all ready for you to wow your friends with ~~~

Look 1 - Sadness From Inside Out

With costumes for Halloween getting sexier and more revealing, it's really a stressful time for the plus size girls like me. Luckily for us and all thanks to Disney and Pixar, we can finally have a character to portray and enjoy a great time out!

Yes, this is non-other than Sadness from Inside Out! 

Working with the blue contact lens in hand, you simply just have to get your makeup done with a blue theme in mind. Then, side sweep a blue bob wig, big round frames, white knitted sweater, jeans and blur bedroom slippers, you are set to go out with your inspired Sadness look.

Just a side note though, it might be too warm in Singapore to wear a sweater. So, be sure to stay in a nice chilled area to party the night away ~

Look 2 - Mavis Dracula From Hotel Transylvania 

This is a character I fell in love with the first time I saw her on screen. I've always had a thing for vampires, so seeing one who is headstrong, independent, curious and always ready to explore and try new things characteristics, I knew I have found a cartoon alter ego of me!

For makeup, you just have to do soft grey smokey eyes and rim them in jet black eyeliner. Lightly sweep some mascara on, give yourself black eyebrows and peach blusher. The most important one is to have the black lipstick, and black nails. That's like Mavis's signature!

The rest is pretty simple then. Put on fake vampire teeth and if you already have short black hair with bangs, you can skip getting a wig. (Good for you!), if not go get a short black wig, make sure there is bangs, if not you would have to give your wig a haircut trim too.

Pair that with black turtle neck short sleeve dress, black gloves, red and black striped stockings together with red high cut Converse-eques sneakers, you are set to go find your very own Jonathan Locker!

That's my very last minute preparation for Halloween, hope that helps and do tag me and share your photos if you do dress up as Sadness or Mavis. I will be updating the makeup tutotrial soon, so stay tuned! Have a great Halloween ~~~~

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