A Quick Look At The New Samsung Galaxy A (2016) Series Vs S6 Edge Plus

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Hi Huneybees,

Samsung has just recently launched the new affordable, mid-range,  GALAXY A (2016) Series smartphone incorporating Samsung’s latest innovative design and technology that offers modern millennials the ability to express their individuality with powerful performance.

The new Samsung Galaxy A (2016) smartphones comes in 3 screen sizes options: (Bottom to Top ) A3, A5 & A7
The Samsung Galaxy A (2016) smartphones come in three screen size options: 4.7-inch for the Galaxy A3 (2016) 4G, 5.2-inch for the Galaxy A5 (2016) 4G+ and 5.5-inch for the Galaxy A7 (2016) 4G+.

The metal finishing of the 2.7mm supper narrow bezel makes the new Galaxy A series look so stylist
Featuring a 2.7mm super narrow bezel with an exquisite glass and metal finishing, the Galaxy A (2016) is the ideal accessory for stylish millennials.

The must-have features of today's smartphone camera are available on the new Galaxy A Series

What's more, the new Galaxy A (2016) sports a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera with brighter f1.9 aperture lenses, offering unmatched camera capabilities for young millennials looking to express their distinctive styles.  

The new Galaxy A series ensures that you gets blur free photos with its Optical Image Stabilizer  

Here are some quick comparison of the new Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) smartphone with the latest Samsung flagship model S6 Edge Plus for my Huneybees:


The new 5.5" Galaxy A7 is relatively similar in size to the Flagship S6 Edge Plus


The new Galaxy A series (Left: A7) is as thin as S6 Edge Plus (Right) at 2.7 inch thickness


Photo taken by the new Galaxy A7 (Top) is slightly darker with more contrast but otherwise as sharp as S6 Edge Plus (Bottom)


Photo taken by the new Galaxy A7 is not as vivid in colour as compared the S6 Edge Plus
With increased battery capacity and fast charging technology for unmatched performance, users will have one less thing to worry about in the midst of their busy social calendars.

Longer battery life with external memory slot are perfect combination for the expressive individual

The Galaxy A3 (2016) 4G is now available from 16 January 2016 while the Galaxy A5 (2016) 4G+ and Galaxy A7 (2016) 4G+ will be available from 30 January 2016. All three devices will be available in Black, Gold and Pink Gold, with 16GB storage, at the following recommended retail prices:
  •          Galaxy A3 (2016) 4G:      SGD398
  •          Galaxy A5 (2016) 4G+:    SGD598
  •          Galaxy A7 (2016) 4G+:    SGD698

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