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Hi Huneybees,

Last night, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS) launched a trade-focused programme for Tiger Crystal to strengthen its foothold in the local premium beer category @ Cocoon Bar, Indochine, Forbidden City. The campaign has been developed with the underlying strategy of targeting modern-day drinkers who are spoilt for choice with the variety of premium beer options currently available in the marketplace and is starting with a trade engagement initiative.

Tiger Crystal, a refreshing and full-flavoured easy-to-drink beer, was launched in Singapore by APBS in December 2010 and is an award-winning lager made with the finest hops from the United States; high quality malted barley and yeast from Europe.

“The local premium beer market has been very competitive. We are embarking on this trade campaign to not only strengthen our relationships with our partners, but also to find new ways of working with them to bring out great beer experiences. The number of beer lovers is increasing and many are keen to explore new tastes. Tiger Crystal with its light, refreshing, crisp notes makes it the perfect thirst quencher for many various settings, be it a night out with friends or over a simple chill out” --- Rene de Monchy, Head of Marketing, APBS

In the coming weeks,  APBS will organise a few events for their trade partners to highlight the essence of Tiger Crystal as well as extending the reach of Tiger Crystal to younger crowds. I got to preview a couple of special ways you can handle the beer last night.

Model, Iris showcasing the Tiger Crystal Bar Kit. It's a tool belt that houses a bottle opener, 3 pens, a torch light and addtional pockets to hold stuffs.
They kicked off with a short introduction and there was a flaring performance. Normally they don't do this with beer and I find this idea pretty interesting and refreshing.

Another highlight of the night, would be the collaboration with Ashvin Shawn Kishore, the Lead Molecular Mixologist of Bar Essentials to present a beer tasting experience with a twist.

As the Lead Molecular Mixologist, Shawn provokes and stimulates the senses by pushing the boundaries of science and unleashing the potential of art through creations of Molecular Cocktails that tantalizes the senses from preparation to delivery. Shawn’s personality shines in subtle moments of witty banter and maneuvers, teasing the crowd that adds to the fun and delight of any given function.
Shawn’s previous achievements include:
•3rd place in the Horfex World Open (Hong Kong 2011)
•2nd place in the Horfex World Open (Hong Kong 2010)
•Finalist in the Horfex World Open (Hong Kong 2009)
•Finalist in the Asian Cocktail Championship (Macau 2008)
•Winner in the International Singapore Flyer Cocktail Competition (Singapore 2007)
Shawn attended & trained in the following courses:
•Elite Bartenders Course (John Whyte Course, JWC)
•Absolut Vodka, Martell Cogac Training & Tasting Seminar, Dewars Academy of Whiskey

What's that brewing? Well, with the use of liquid nitrogen, we got the beer in this icy, muchy, sorbet form. 

Scoop a spoon of the "sorbet" into a glass of Tiger Crystal.
Pour in some liquid nitrogen.
And the drink's all ready. Wait for the mist to clear before you drink!
Thank you babes, for serving us great Tiger Crystal all night. :)
I got to experience first-hand, unlocking the various taste notes of Tiger Crystal at diiferent levels of chilling. At different temperatures, the drink tasted different and even the aroma is a little different. I loved it when it was served at its coldest and I'm in love with this Liquid Nitrogen Tiger Crystal!

Big thank you to Shawn to opening my eyes to molecular mixology.

 Cheers to Tiger Crystal for the great evening!

Tiger Crystal is available in selected bars, clubs, convenience stores and leading supermarkets. For more information, log on to Tiger Beer Singapore's website at and official Facebook page at


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