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Hi Huneybees,

Courtesy of China Glaze
There's been so much talk about magnetica nail polish, many popular nail poish brands has it and Huney got her China Glaze version as not only are the colours beautiful, with the magnet, you can have 3 designs easily done instead of just 1!

There are 6 colours to choose from and I got 4 (highlighted).

  • You Move Me - golden metallic
  • Cling On - green metallic
  • Pull Me Close - crystal blue metallic
  • Instant Chemistry - metallic berry
  • Drawn To You - subtle metallic lilac
  • Attraction - metallic chrome

  • From Left: Pull Me Close, Attraction, Cling On, Drawn To You.
     In each metallic nail polish, there's tiny metal pigments which can be easily manipulated and sculpted with the help of this magical magnet. 

    Simply hold the magnet right above your nails and the small particles will start to move in a way that they'll be able to form a fabulous pattern like the ones illustrated above.One trick is to make sure where is the center of the sunburst design as well as the arrowhead design.

    Here are the photos...

    Pull Me Close
    Cling On
    Drawn To You
    Do share if you guys bought the nail polishes too ya?


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