Anne Fontaine Spring/Summer 2012

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Hi Huneybees,

As promised, here is the Spring/Summer 2012 collection of Anne Fontaine. It is called "Glam & The City". Sounds familiar? Well, yes, Anne designed the collection according the the ladies of "Sex & The City".

A few pieces caught my eye and here's some photos of them.

First up, the Samantha Jones collection.

Samantha Jones is portrayed by Kim Cattrall in the HBO series and  she is seen as a confident, straightforward, highly sexual woman. Outspoken and self-proclaimed "try-sexual" (Try at least once for everything) is her motto. LOVE is never in her dictionary and more often you will relate SEX to her name.

The pieces that are inspired by Samantha Jones are like the character herself, loud, sexy and a little mysterious. The leopard prints on the bags and belts are all baked on!

I can totally see this bag around Samantha Jones' arm.

This bag is up for a lucky draw. Go down to the Scotts Square store for more details!

These mesh tops, create that mysterious feel, a little see through, not to fleshy for work and just nice for an evening out when you take off that coat.

The next line is an inspiration drawn from Charlotte York (Kristen Davis). She is a poise, nice lady whom I always see as a princess who is always on the look out for her knight in shining armor. Frills, flowers and safe colours are the things you will find in her wardrobe and this collection definitely portrayed that.

Black and white frills on collars and cuffs make a usual black top so flirty and fun!

This is Anne Fontaine's signature cardigan and this time, it comes with black and white polka dot frills!

 This top above is definitely what I call a Transformer. Not only is it just 1 piece, the collar and cuffs are detachable. Meaning you can wear it as it is, or collar and black sweater or black sweater with white cuffs to show off a little cleavage as well.

Last but not least, a collection that is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). Carrie is the lead in the series, a writer and has always been described as someone who lives for fashion and definitely a shoe addict. She always max out her credit cards, but would still rather buy a copy of Vogue magazine than have dinner. She frequently mixes kitschy vintage finds with high-end labels, creating a style she totally can call her own.

This collection is colourful, vibrant and very playful.
Even the belt is so adorable!

Anne Fontaine has pants as well, not just skirts and tops. Check out the wave pattern at the pockets...

There's a dual zip front on this blouse, so you can show some cleavage or your flat tummy, or even wear a white blouse instead and wear this as a vest.

More photos from their Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook can be found here.

 I would also like to see you more items around the shop...

Swarovski embellished white frill blouse with a pencil skirt where you can adjust the tightness and how high you want to skirt to open up till!

Zooming in on the fabric of the other 2 tops, shows the delicate English embroidery.

Together with these hand-painted butterfly accessories. You will add some 'live' to your daily wardrobe.

Look at all these beautiful arm candies!

Check out this blouse! You can wear it a few ways and this is a couple of it.
They even have it in black.

There's also these amazing collars and cuffs that you can make wonders to a usual black sweater or white blouse....

Not only can a add on collar be just a collar, it can also be a toga add on frill and a belt.

This necklace is super duper versatile!

There's also this more high end section at the store. I would say it's more dressy, more dramatic, more suitable for some fashion events, etc.

Lacy pencil skirt with lacy corset. WooHoo!

Even the collars and cuffs are so Va Va Voom!


OH! Anne Fontaine fragrance are amazing! They rank them according to Air, Earth and Fire. I like the Bamboo one most! So refreshing ~

Anne Fontaine is located at The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands and Scotts Square. Do join their facebook page for more updates!


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