Chocolate Origin - The most chocolatey cake I've ever had!

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Hi Huneybees,

Do you have a sweet tooth and you fall head over heels when it comes to chocolate and cakes?! Well, I am that kind of girl and I've definitely fell in love with "someone else". Sorry hubby... (Don't worry it's cake).

Introducing - Chocolate Origin! Awesome wholesome chocolate goodness all in a cake!

Chocolate Origin cakes are lovingly made with pride and the most natural ingredients. They are located at Changi Village and 313 Somerset and this day, I went by the Changi Vollage branch to pick up my Dark Chocolate cake.

Chocolate Origin only serves 2 types of chocolate cake. Original or Dark. Original would be for fans on the sweeter side (Woo a girl with this!) or like me, you belong to the "Dark Side" (*Star Wars Anthem), you can opt for the Dark Chocolate Cake.

Original chocolate cake.

Dark Cake Chocolate.

There is no extra sugar added, no colourings, no preservatives, and they use Belgium dark chocolate for both their cakes.

The cake has no fancy toppings, just the mirror-like smooth dark chocolate covering 2 layers of sponge encasing more chocolate! It's totally an ORGASM in my mouth. One bite into the cake got me having second slice and in a blink of an eye, I ate 3 slice within that 30 mins! I kept telling myself it's enough, but my body can't help walking back to the fridge and opening to get another slice!

The cake is not very sweet, there's a little hint of dark chocolate bitterness in it, but it's definitely my highly recommended if you ask me where to get chocolate cakes.

Thank you Chocolate Origin for the wonderful cake!
Pricing of the cakes.
Do pop by Chocolate Origin's stores or order online now! Don't forget to join their Facebook page for more updates ~



A Blk 4 Changi Village Road
#01-2084 Singapore 500004

Mon - Fri:12pm - 9pm
Sat - Sun:10.30am - 9pm
T (65) 6542 2939


A 313 Orchard Road
#B3-10A Singapore 238895
Mon - Sun:10am - 9.30pm


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