The Icing Room’s Delicious High Tea Indulgence Menu

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Hi Huneybees,

*Before you procceed on reading, let me warn you that this post will make you drool after reading and that's what's happening to me now - writing the blog post my tummy growls for some dessert after dinner!

Are you guys ready to entice your taste buds with a delectable selection of Heavenly Creations from The Icing Room's High Tea Indulgence Menu? I was so happy to be invited down to 313@Somerset for a Media Tasting and now I'm introducing the all-so yummy desserts to you guys!

The Icing Room introduced their dreamy additions for an afternoon delight for you and your friends, family and loved ones. Exclusively available at The Icing Room at 313@somerset and Junction 8, these desserts are perfect for those who fancy sitting down to a session of pampering the taste buds.

Sushi looking cakes!
The Icing Room has always been known to be selling sweet desserts and famous for the personalised D.I.Y. cakes. 

From gloriously luxurious macarons to special creations of dessert shooters, behold and embrace a
selection of mouth-watering delights created by The Icing Room’s pastry chefs.





Double Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. Ice cream on top of a hot chocolate cake is definitely my to-die-for dessert!
Brownie with Chocolate Ice Cream.
 This year, the menu introduces a boon to chocolate lovers such as the Double Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.80) and Brownie with Chocolate Ice Cream ($4.20). These
offerings are baked to perfection with the finest ingredients and will satisfy the most intense of
chocolate cravings.

Who can resist a Crème Brulee? I love the sugar coating on top and this time instead of just a small cup, you get it in a plate almost triple what you can find out there! Sweet right?!

A magnificent sweet indulgence such as the Crème Brulee with Berries ($4.80) is a classic
must-have dish that is served in gratifying portions to satisfy the hankerings of the sweet tooth.
Laced with the juiciest of berries and flamed to meticulous perfection of golden caramelization,
this dessert is a perennial favourite to relish. 

Adding on to the new menu is the iconic Ice Cream Cookie Puff with Pistachio ($3.80). A nutty accent of rich pistachio complements the mouth-play of textures as creamy ice-cream is tucked into crisp fluffy cookie puffs adding pleasurable sweetness to any tea-time session.

Top: Cherry Crumble and Lemon Cream Crumble
Bottom: Mixed Berries Crumble

With a playful twist and a careful blend of intricate flavours, selections from the Ice Cream on
the Rocks assortment are lip-smacking delights that bring a gratifying interplay of textures. One
can choose between Cherry, Lemon Cream or Mixed Berries Crumble ($3.50) freshly baked
in the kitchens of The Icing Room and pair it with smooth vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice
cream. So good, licking remaining smears is an assured end-note.

I had the Lemon Cream Crumble. I love how big and chunky the crumbles are, you can totally much them on their own or just sink your teeth into the ice cream with their specially made Lemon Cream. I say give me 10 of these and it's still not enough!

Accept nothing but luscious silky goodness with each decadent mouthful of dessert shooters
from The Icing Room. With a harmonious pairing of velvety custard base and chunks of fresh
fruit toppings, this enchanting treat packaged in petite shot glasses are refreshingly luscious treats of choice. One can choose among the Blueberry Panna Cotta, Strawberry Panna Cotta and Peach Panna Cotta ($3.50) to enjoy.

Blueberry Panna Cotta, Strawberry Kirsch Jelly and Lychee Jelly.
Panna Cotta's my thing, it's milky, it's creamy and with the blueberry on top, it makes it less sinful and definitely more refreshing on your palette. As for the Jelly's, other ladies at the table were loving it as they said it's light, cooling for a warm day, and also less sinful. I can see it as the ladies top favourite already.

Perfect for those with a penchant for saccharine crystal pleasures, the Strawberry Kirsch Jelly
and Lychee Jelly ($3.50) shooters are irresistible treats.


The Macaron Ispahan ($3.50) is crowned with an enchanting macaron and deliciously paired with silky custard and strawberry infused jelly.


The Icing Room presents three indulgence sets for a variety of choices during high tea
sessions. A range of delightful macarons, cookie puffs, sliced cakes, muffins, dessert shooters,
coffee and tea are available for customers to choose from.

  • Indulgence Set A ($13.80) Comes with a cookie puff, two macarons, cheese bar, choice of sliced cake with coffee or tea
  • Indulgence Set B ($5.80) Comes with a choice of sliced cake and coffee or tea
  • Indulgence Set C ($4.30) Comes with two muffins, a cookie puff with coffee or tea

Tempted? Let's make a date and indulge ourselves ~!


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