TOPLESS HUNKS during InGEN IN988 Internet Radio Show

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Hi Huneybees,

I was back at InGEN IN 988 Internet Radio show with Jen Su, Issac Ritz and models - Patrick and Lewis. This time we were on a different timeslot and the VJs were Roger and Abigail.

VJs Roger and Abigail.
 The show that night was to feature Jen's latest collection and as VJ Roger attended the Tranformers Cybertron Con recently, the theme kinda revolved around Transformers and versatile dressing. Hoe 1 piece of clothing can get you different looks.

The toy Roger got at the Cybertron Con.

So, anyway back to clothes. I was at the store early, so I tried on some of the new shades and when Jen came, I was given this turquoise outerwear to wear to the radio show....

Adorable right? You should really drop by SpunkPunkFunk for these cool shades or convert them to glasses!

Just a little outerwear and a cool pair of shades brightens the whole day!

Even Jen was all decked out in her best. She's just such a multi-tasker...
When we arrived, Abigail was so excited to change into this dress.

This piece on Issac is so sexy. Male or Female can flaunt their cleavage in this! Comes in 2 colours!

Abigail was ready and she did a solo walk to intro.

Abigail then changed into a 2nd dress and this time, she did a catwalk with Lewis, Patrick and Jen.

Patrick showing off his muscles and heavy duty arms to the listeners!

Thw see though mesh create a little mysterious feel. Make you so tempted to see what's underneath right?

Round 2

Whoa! Check out the Muscles these guys are packing!

 Round 3

 And this time Issac's doing the final walk too!

Who says guys don't have to accessorize?!

Even Roger got dressed up as wel!

A little interview with Jen, checking out her outfit for the day, before introducing the models.

More discussion on Jen's latest collection and it was time for me and Issac to walk the catwalk too! So much fun that day!

Thanks Jen, Issac, Hunks Patrick and Lewis as well as IN988 Internet Radio! 
You guys made my day!


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