Chen Man 陳曼 Empowers Sexiness In Her Photoshoots

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*Note: This post contains nudity*

Hi Huneybees,

I just did a blog post on M.A.C.'s recent collection - ChenMan Love & Water and seriously, I never got to know who Chen Man is until this collection. *Sorry Chen Man* A little Google search on Chen Man and tons of posts and definitely beautiful images filled my computer screen. Below is an interview with her during the shoot for M.A.C's collection.

 There's a little sense of pride in me that an Asian is picked as inspiration for a M.A.C. collection!

So who's Chen Man?

Well, she's Beijing's leading photographer and over the years, she has contributed to some of the world's best-known lifestyle magazines and campaigned for international brands such as Motorola and Adidas.

She gained prominence in 2003 when she completed a series of ground-breaking covers for the China-based design and arts magazine Vision. Although then still a student at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, the images she produced crashed the conservatism of China’s media industry at the time and captured the spirit of creative possibility that was driving a new generation of artists and designers. She then made eight covers for Vision and each image is based on an original studio shot that is digitally enhanced in post production. 

However, it is the eclectic range of motifs and influences in her work, from Mickey Mouse and Manga to the Three Gorges Dam and the Great Wall, that best characterize her aesthetic. Her success far exceeds what many photographers can achieve in that same period of time.

So, I said I Googled her right? Check out the stars she have worked with already!

Fan Bing Bing. She's like her muse! When you Google Chen Man, tons of Fan Bing Bing's photos taken by her will pop up.

 Gong Li on Great Wall of China.

Maggie Cheung
 Wilber Pan, Jay Chou, Angela Chen.

Dee Hsu (Xiao S) and her co-host Kevin Tsai
But the thing I love about is her style, portraying female sexiness and how she mix post production works into her photographs. So bold, so edgy, so ahead of time!

Bling Bling!


Isn't Chen Man amazing?! She really inspires me and she is now in my list of favourite photographers. Ranked top!

You can read more about Chen Man at her website -


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