Brighten Those Yellow Stained Teeth With The Y10 System By BrightTonix

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Hi Huneybees,

I simply love to smile and laugh, but I've been super conscious of it these days and shying from that for fear of showing you my coffee stained teeth. I needed the help of apps to 'whiten' my teeth and pray hope that those whitening toothpaste out there helps.

Well, if you have the same problem as I and find that there are too many cons to teeth bleaching, why not try out the Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation System? It's launched by BrightTonix Medical LTD. with the partnership of Cambridge Medical Group of Medical Centers in Singapore, with the hopes to provide a pleasant, safe, pain-free and refreshing experience while achieving immediate teeth whitening results of several shades brighter.

I gave the Y10 Mouth Rejuvenation a try and I went 4 shades lighter. The results may vary from person to person; some who went that day went up to 7 shades lighter (Why my stains are so stubborn?!).

Y10 toothpaste does not contain any Hydrogen, Carbamide Peroxide or any abrasive ingredients. Here’s an FAQ

So, it works using the low power radio-frequency (RF) technology, combined with the special Y10 toothpaste and the medical grade silicon mouth piece, all I need to do is bite down on it and sit there by the machine for 30 minutes.

It's totally painless, no discomfort, with only a very slight warmth to the gums. I could sit there, play games on my phone, take selfies and chat (through hand actions) with my hubby. The only downside is the taste of the warm toothpaste combined with saliva. I was told that I could swallow that "combination", but I rather keep it in my mouth and spit out when the session ends.

Current teeth whitening procedures like bleaching can cause pain and a burning sensation during and post procedure, whilst those Instagram raving LED home whitening kits are not HSA approved due to high peroxide levels. But even though the Y10 System might be a little more costly than both, but I still prefer a safer method to whiter teeth, healthier gums and better breath.

Go on and try it yourself at Cambridge Therapeutic’s Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery, 
1 Scotts Road, #03-03, Singapore 228208. Do share your results after! SMILE!

About BrightTonix
BrightTonix Medical Ltd, is an Israel based medical device company focused on developing innovation medical solutions for dental practitioners, aesthetic physicians and beauty professionals. The company is led by world-class professionals from the aesthetic medical devices industry, experienced engineers, and supported by leading dental professionals worldwide.


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