Make Your Choice : Black Or White ?

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Hi Huneybees,

The tiger has once again been uncaged unexpectedly, and this time round, it's either Black Or White!
Please do not be alarmed as I am referring to Singapore's first locally brewed beer - Tiger Beer! *ROAR*

Unveiled to an excited crowd in a wild street party at Holland Village recently, Tiger Beer gave us two new refreshing flavors - Tiger Black and Tiger White - to its list of world class lager selection.

While the Tiger Black may look like a stout in appearance, it is actually less bitter and dry, thanks to the black rice - a rare commodity once served only to the royalty - used to brew this new creation.
Tiger White, on the other hand, looks like just another pale-lager except that the cloudy wheat beer provides a light crisp refreshing experience with a hint taste of coriander, cloves and citrus with an all-round refreshing finish, reminds me of drinking a cider with a lot more complexity or depth.

Personally, I prefer the Tiger Black as the taste started off with a dark toffee taste on my taste bud that eventually led to a dry alcoholic finish, just like Tiger Beer quoted ‘Be Bold’. It was evident to see most people shared my humble opinion as the Tiger Black often disappeared in seconds (no kidding...) the moment 2 buckets of both choices were delivered to my table.

Do try these new creations from Tiger today and let me know your experience and your pick between the two. Remember to drink responsibly. #UncageTheUnexpected


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