Free Hagen Dazs Ice Cream

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Hi guys,

Fancy an ice cream from Hagen Dazs? There's this promo with CozyCot, just follow the instructions and wait for your free ice cream. Hurry before 18th Dec 2010!

*Terms and Conditions:

1. CozyCot members must login and make a post on this thread with the exact words: CozyCot ♥ Ice Cream!

2. CozyCot members must "like" the official CozyCot Facebook: page and make a wall post with the same words: CozyCot ♥ Ice Cream!

3. CozyCot members must email the following at this address: on or before December 18, 2010.
a) Screenshot of the wall post in the official CozyCot Facebook: for verification. For instructions on how to screenshot:
b) Mobile number (CozyCrew will send an SMS that will be shown to the Haagen Dazs representative)
c) CozyCot Username
d) Blog URL (If applicable)
4. CozyCot members can redeem their ice cream as soon as they receive the SMS from CozyCrew.

5. One redemption per mobile number only.

6. Valid for first time redemption only.

7. The SMS will be sent on or before December 19, 2010.

8. Redemption will end on December 31, 2010.

9 Complimentary scoop is valid only for Häagen-Dazs™ Limited Edition Pomegranate, White Peach & Orange Blossom Sorbet.

10. Complimentary scoop valid only in a cup and for takeaway.

11. Visit for more information on outlet locations.

So hurry get clicking and enjoy your free ice cold dessert!

Christina aka Huney

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