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Hi guys,

I haven't been taking much of public transport specifically the MRT, due to having a BF who drives. So today I was on my day of MRT riding and so many things had happened which made me furious and also laughing in my mind.


Scenario 1:
Notice the arrows and yellow line on the floors? It's to direct us to stand behind the yellow line and allow the passengers from train to 'unload' first before you 'load' yourself in.

But what happened was almost everyone stood on the either sides of the door, then comes and 'auntie' who conveniently chooses the spot with no one standing in (Note: Center, right where everyone rushes out when door opens).

So what happened was, when everyone was gushing out of the train, 'auntie' starts to get blocked, she screams "Oei! Auntie lehs, I'm so old, don't know how to give way ar?!" Then everyone just stares at her, but still give her way to be the first to board the train.

So what? You're old, you get to scream at everyone and 'jump' queue? Then why not have a carriage that caters specifically to elderly lor?

Scenario 2:
I got my seat on a super crowded MRT and 'nestled' myself next to a pregnant lady after standing for 6 stops (and 6 more to go). Then, in comes a nicely dressed lady or some might refer her as an OL.

She came in and stood in front of me and starts "pinching" on her Breadtalk toast as soon as the train started moving again. Then when the train stops and opens the door, she stops and starts again when the door closes. This went on for 3 stations and I guess she got tired of having to keep stretching her arms, she conveniently pulls out the transparent holding bag from the plastic bag and started tearing bits of the bun to eat. Conveniently dropping crumbs on my bag!

I was staring at her and many others were too, but she kept on eating. It's like "Miss, we have the strictly no eating on train sign and do you know you are dropping crumbs?! Are you that hungry?! This is not China you know?"

Till now, I still kinda regretted not having to take her video and post it to STOMP. Dang!

Scenario 3:
This is the one that got me laughing. I was on my way back from a gathering with friends and I noticed this Indian guy standing by the door. I guess he's in his 30s and he was checking out some floor plan drawings, making notes as he checked them out.

Normally things like this doesn't catch my eyes, but is just that he had a huge tummy. Not the ordinary beer belly, but something even bigger than a pregnant lady's.

You know how people always say girls with big boobs tend to rest them on table when seated down? This guy was using his tummy as a table to support his drawings! Talk about portability! Apple definitely can't beat this eh?


I simply love people watching on MRTs, so many things happening and you simply can't finish right? I was with my friends and we started talking our little incidents on the train and everyone had so much to say, talk about never ending stories man!

Do you guys have any ones to share? Tell me!

Christina aka Huney

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