Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale Movie Premiere

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Hi guys,
I just caught Rapunzel the animation movie today @ Orchard Cineleisure. All thanks to the premiere tickets I won from Nuffnang's contest. Thanks Nuffnang!

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I totally recommend the movie for erm, everyone! Fairytale lovers, animation geeks, kids, mums, dads, couples, etc, etc, etc.....

Why? Coz everything's so magical in the the movie! Ok! To be honest, ever since studying about animation in poly, I see cartoons in a total different perspective. I highly recommend the movie, coz I can feel the heart and blood the crew behind the movie has put in. One aspect that I fell in love with was the texture of the hair, they really did put in alot of effort to make the hair flow like crazy, especially Rapunzel's bunch and the other thing that I love is that there are new aspects of lighting and camera angles.

In all, I would say it's a beautiful love story but with a little twist and adventure. And who doesn't wish to hear Mandy Moore's lovely voice again? I give the movie a 10 out of 10! Totally a Monday-blues-be-gone movie~

So enough of the talk and here's a little synopsis and pictures. Do go catch the movie!

I was greeted by the massive lot of Rapunzel's poster when I reached the top of escalator.

The official poster for Rapunzel:A Tangled Tale.

What's the princess pulling?

What a fun way for date eh?

Prince Charming all tangled up.

Then, we were told to deposit our devices, in case, someone decides to produce some pirated DVDs.

See how strict they are? I've never tried any bag checks at a movie premiere.

Did my hair for the movie. I'm a little black haired Rapunzel.
Wana noe how I got my hair so curly? Stay tuned.

Princess is leaving after the movie...

Check out the official website: http://adisney.go.com/disneypictures/tangled/#/home/

Christina aka Huney

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