Forever Crazy: Celebrating The Beauty Of The Female Form

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Forever Crazy started off with 12 gorgeous topless ladies marching out into the stage in high boots, Bearskin hats, and pound symbol suspenders, saluting and greeting their audiences in the Crazy Horse trademark opening show - "God Save Our Bare Skin".

Celebrating 65 years of Parisian glamour and inspired by the endless theme of feminity and sophistication, we are getting to see all the best acts from the legendary Cabaret. Forever Crazy, is a series of highly aesthetic and visual performances presented by a multicultural cast of 10 classically-trained dancers, dressed in textured lighting, projection, extravagant lingerie, body harness, and Christian Louboutins.

Forever Crazy was conceived in 1951 as a tribute to Alain Bernadin, the founder of Crazy Horse. It fully preserves the cabaret's artistic heritage while adding a touch of modernity, humour and sophistication. 

Bernardin's vision for Crazy Horse Paris was to show the different facets of femininity - funny, cheeky, loving, rebellious, sophisticated - and highlight those with great showmanship through music, lights, projections, and costumes.

Yes, there is nudity, 80 minutes of beautifully toned bare breasts and buttocks. But trust me, throughout the show, there is nothing porn-ish; you will only learn to appreciate the beauty of the female body, understand the female sexiness, through the artistic content of the show, the lighting and projection cleverly matched with the dance numbers make every act an art piece I would love to have at home.

A lot of the acts hinges on the lighting effects that are only made possible where all the dancers are of the same height and build (auditions require measurements from nipple to nipple and navel to pubis). The criteria are very strict and out of the annually over 500 applications, only 2 or 3 gets selected.

After the dancers are picked, they have to start mastering the specific Crazy Horse Paris dances, get their costumes fitted, haircuts and colours decided with her stage name once she is ready for the stage.
Through every dance act, you can see these girls go through a strict routine as every girl looks almost identical; and dancing in a 6m x 2m x 3m stage frame is definitely not an easy feat. My favourite act has got to be the "Upside Down", where the ladies dance using mirror reflection, every pause moment is such a beautiful work of art, every girl, so confident, so comfortable, so beautiful in their own skin. I don't even know which ones to filter out, so here's a short gif above.

Each dance act is not related, but for comic relief and also time for stage changes, we have Mr Fantastic to keep us company. He is an American popping-style dancer who became famous on "So You Think You Can Dance".

He's voguing style of dance has definitely got us wondering about the beauty of the human body form. Actually, it would be nice if there were additionally shows of male dancers too, just to balance out the gender game...

Over the past 65 years, Crazy Horse Paris has drawn over 15 million patrons among them celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, President John F. Kennedy, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Jean Paul Gaultier, Pedro Almodovar, Sting, Beyoncé and Rihanna.
Since its inception, Crazy Horse Paris has acquired an impeccable reputation for presenting women in an incomparable, sensual and sophisticated way. It will be a pity to not catch the show...

Forever Crazy is playing at Grand Theatre, Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands till 22nd October 2017. Tickets are available at Sistic and the venue's box office, be sure to give the VIP Table a try for the best view too!


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