Easy Peasy Payment With Just Your Fingerprints?!

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Hi Huneybees,

With most people having at least a credit card or debit card in his/her wallet/purse (even my 12-year-old nephew owns one!), one could literally pay for anything cashless these days, from grocery to transportation to food, and I am not even talking about purchases done on E-commerce platforms like Amazon Prime, Grab, UberEats or Taobao, etc.

While this is certainly the way to go in the future, according to Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's 2017 National Rally Speech of going cashless as a Smart Nation, what is alarming to our Queen Bee (yours truly Christina) is the fact that no one - be it a restaurant manager or a counter cashier - bother to even verify the ownership of the credit card at the point of purchase anymore!
To prove her point, she did a test recently by using my credit card (with my approval) and made a purchase of several hundred dollars at a departmental store and got away with it even though the name imprinted on the credit card clearly read "Winston Chua" and she didn't even try to replicate my signature on the bill!! That's a serious security breach that could be unfolded on a daily basis indeed.

Luckily with the introduction of the world’s first Biometric payment solution platform that requires nothing but your fingers, transactions can now  be truly secured and hence providing the cardholder with a peace of mind as it has been certified by none other than the famous intelligence and security service of the United States, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)!

Initially developed in Singapore by Coolpay together with POSB, NETS, STYL and 3Radical as part of the POSB Smart Buddy programme to demonstrate a fully biometric system for payments in local schools, it has since transformed into a commercial biometric loyalty and payment solution called Touché.

The hardware of Touché is an elegant rectangular device that has one of the highest resolution biometric sensor, certified by FBI, in the market to detect two fingers for efficient payment.
To ensure that identification and authentication using Touché are highly accurate and secure, the hardware has incorporated anti-spoofing technology that ensures up to 45 unique points from each of the two fingers are real upon scanning and that the cardholder is indeed present before payment is accepted.
And as a backup in the event when communication link between the hardware and the secured cloud database is compromised, there is always a slot to accept credit card with chip technology as well as a slot for the traditional magnetic strip!

Celebrity Chef Justin Quek's restaurant, Grignoter, is one of the early adopters of Touché. 

In just 3 months since its launch, 50 restaurants, 20 hotels and 5 private social clubs have shown interest in taking up this solution in Singapore.
I have also been told that there has also been ongoing discussions held with the potential partners, largest departmental stores, most prestigious mall, technology firms, retail chains, and more to expedite Touché adoption!

Do let me know if you are looking forward to having a FBI certified payment system for your next transaction!


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