Jessie J Gave Singapore A "Bang Bang" Performance At The Singapore Jazz Festival 2015

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Being able to perform in a subway with just a boombox to introduce herself to the US crowd is no simple feat. There's not alot of singers out there who would have done it and when I saw this video, I was totally sold to Jessie J, (even though her supes trendy makeup already caught my eyes).

This UK singer has come a long way since her songwriting days to the "Bang Bang" diva she is today. People might see her as arrogant, but it was all just a saying. I had a fan girl moment sitting across her during a meet and greet session and there was not a touch of arrogance about her. She even complimented my lipstick colour (Yes, I had the Gunner on from the M.A.C x Nasty Gal collection)!

Photo credits: Marina Bay Sands

Photo credits: Marina Bay Sands
The fan meet was set up for the kids from 10sq - a designated charity of Sands for Singapore and recipients of the Business Times Budding Artists Fund. In continuation of Sands for Singapore’s initiatives of giving back to the local community in meaningful ways, the meet-and-greet at Marina Bay Sands presented the local talent a rare opportunity to meet their favourite star.

Originally a car park, 10sq managed by The RICE Company Limited (RICE) is an arts training centre for young people which combines traditional arts spaces with arts technology. The programmes are designed as a catalyst for young people to initiate new creative ideas and be inspired to reach beyond their limits. 10sq is also home to youth budding artists, majority of whom are beneficiaries of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, pursuing an arts training programme in Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and Music.

The young performers from 10sq surprised her with an a cappella rendition of ‘Masterpiece’, which Jessie was very touched. And in return she invited the youth to perform the song with her on stage that evening, in addition to giving them autographed tickets to the her show.
"It is exciting to give them the opportunity of that moment, it would be great to be given the chance when I was 13 or 14!" --- Jessie J
Photo credits: Marina Bay Sands

She was simply so touched and it was amazing of her to be giving the kids a chance on stage when she invited them to sing on stage with her on the second night of  Singapore Jazz Festival 2015! Each of them even got a selfie taken with her and here's one of the happy 10sq member Anthea's pic with Jessie J herself!

And when the sky turned dark and the audience were all hyped up, it was time for the diva to perform. Transforming from a goddess, she donned on a translucent jersey with SINGAPORE written across her chest and subtly showing off her bra and hot pants beneath. 

This has kinda become a uniform for Jessie on her "Sweet Talker" tour, with the countries she's visiting, printed across her chest. But I'm definitely loving her style and especially with the gorgeous ring braids on her head, she really rocked the style amazingly!

The night's performance was every bit worthed to stay up for. Jessie performed every of her hit songs - "Price Tag", "Sweet Talker", "Do It Like A Dude", "Burnin' Up", etc and not forgetting to end it with her highly replayed song with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj - "Bang Bang". The crowd were made dancing and singing along, when Jessie took off her top showcasing her amazing bod, before throwing her t-shirt to this lucky fan who was ecstatic to have caught it.

But the best moment had got to be when she took a break and introduced the kids from 10sq performing "Masterpiece". They sang with such beautiful voices, that even Jessie couldn't help joining in and sharing her mic with her little fans.

“This is what I live for, they are my inspiration!” --- Jessie J

Thank you SingJazz for such an amazing experience! Here's more photos from that night and stay tuned as I update with more from SingJazz and my interview with Jessie J! :)

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