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A tale as old as time, as beautiful as Beauty and The Beast is definitely worth to be told over and over again. The Disney animated version has come true and made into a real life Broadway Musical version and now, they have finally come to Singapore for its 20th Anniversary with the original Broadway creative team!

Based on the Academy Award winning animated feature film, this musical spectacular has won the hearts of over 35 million people worldwide in 13 countries. This classic musical love story is filled with unforgettable characters, lavish sets and costumes, and dazzling production numbers and the beloved title song.

This elaborate theatrical production has come to life on stage on 21 March 2015, at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands for a limited season. And before I caught the show on its opening night, I got to sit down with the 2 leads - Hilary Maiberger (Belle) and Darick Pead (Beast) for a upclose interview...

The Beast might seem a little scary on the stage, but after the interview with the suave "beast" - Darick Pead, all I could think of is "NEVER judge a book by its cover". Though his looks might make us fear him, but under it all, you will find a fun and charming character underneath.

Darick might just be playing a beast character but they bear alot of similar characteristics like his pranks of scaring the crew backstage, especially when he has his costume all on!

Here's more of my chat with Darick...

So Darick, tell us a little about yourself.
I landed the job of acting as The Beast just one year after moving to New York when I finshed my acting degree. And since then, I've been touring around US for Beauty and The Beast for 2 years, going to different states and some of the places, I've never heard of. It's really exciting to be on the international tour for the very first time.

How is it working with the team?
It is an amazing blessing to be working with such great and talented crew and cast with such a beautiful set design to perform in. Stan A. Meyer is the guy behind it and a little secret to share, he simply loves glitter. It's like raining glitter all the time!

How is the process like transforming into the Beast?
Actually, it's pretty fast to get dressed up - 10 minutes to get into the costume and 15 minutes to get the makeup done. I normally tend to be sweating inside the costume, imagine wearing a snowsuit in Singapore's weather, but it is a great experience to be wearing a costume made by a Tony Award Winning costume maker - Ann Hould-Ward.

How is the arts culture in Singapore compared to US?
It's really nice to see that the audience here are extremely fun and very receptive of the musical. It has been a nice experience so far, doing the tours.

Do you believe in true love?
Totally!  True love may come in different ways, but as long as you as open to it and accept it, it can definitely happen!

Left Photo: Joan Marcus/PlayhouseSquare

Hilary Maiberger is simply Belle herself. All the poise, captivating eyes and the sweet little voice of hers, she's definitely who I would imagine a real life Belle to look like. She is the one to melt all the beasts' hearts out there.

She also shares the love for book, exactly like the dorky Disney Princess herself. Moreover, playing Belle has been her childhood dream when she was watching the broadway production at 10 yrs old! Getting this role was her dream come true...

How did you get started in theatre?
I started singing since 7 and during high school, I had the popstar dream and went to participate in the American Idol. It still felt kinda wrong , so I went on to getting my Masters and when I was 21-22 years old, I fell into theatre, acting as MrsCratchit in the Christmas carol. I fell in love with it and have never turned back since.

Wow! So, you have been performing for so long, how do you keep the passion alive?
Playing Belle was a dream come true, I have always loved Belle and when I was 10 years old, I went to the Broadway show and I remember telling my mum that I want to be Belle one day. She is so real, so relatable and so cool!

Do you share the love for books like Belle too?
YES! I've been an awkward kid growing up and book reading is my favourite past time, I love the smell of books and it is like Belle is part of me! I love fictional books and my current favourite author is John Green. I've read all his books!

Other than the love of books, are there other similarities between you two?
I'm as passionate as Belle and I can be pretty quirky and dorky too. I would also like to think myself as smart and witty too. But I wish I'm more adventurous as Belle, jumping into anything with no fear.

How long do you take to get into character?
I'm given an hour to get ready, but my dressing up and makeup are done within 30 minutes, giving me 30 minutes to stretch and "tune" my voice. But it is also amazing to see the Beast (Darick) getting ready, he gets his makeup done even faster than me!

How is it like working with the team and coming to Asia?
The cast is wonderful! We are great friends and some of us have been performing together for 3 years already. We even celebrated Christmas together since we won't be able to be back with our families. It is great working with them.

Coming to Asia is a special experience, I love the people, culture and food, in fact, I want to go back to Thailand again! But something that really touched me was when I was in Manila. A little girl with anxiety came up to me and told me after watching my performance, she is now not afraid to meet people anymore. It is really overwhelming to see what I did made a difference.

Do you believe in true love, that love transcends it all?
Absolutely! If you love someone for who they are, all their quirks and imperfections, that's true love and true happiness!

DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST INTERNATIONAL TOUR is already performing from 21st March 2015 at MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands. I bet you will enjoy it as much as I did! More details here...

Tuesday – Friday 8:00pm;
Saturday: 2:00pm and 8:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm and 5.00pm

From $65 
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