Valerie Wang Collaborates With Qoo10 For Editorial Campaign In QStyle

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Fans who love to share their OOTDs will definitely know the pixie-framed blogger - Valerie Wang. She has worked with major brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Silky Girl and Yves Rocher and her perfect pictures on Instagram has won the hearts of thousands and thousands of followers. 
I bet you will all fall in love with her recent collaboration with  Qoo10 on an editorial campaign to be featured on QStyle, the e-magazine app by Qoo10.
The two-part series features ten outfits from Taiwanese apparel labels MAYUKI and KODZ from the Taiwanese online fashion retail conglomerate Toki Choi and will be published on 6 and 13 March 2015.
Qoo10 has sat down with her for a chat, let's pick her brain for your very own fashion style...
1. How long have you been blogging? Why did you decide to start the blog?
I started this blog since my secondary school days purely for leisure and keepsake of memories. It is only in recent years that I started receiving sponsorships and am blessed enough to be able to work with brands from different genres. The decision to blog on a regular basis is part leisure, part business.
2. Any tips for the perfect Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)? What are your make-up essentials and regimen?
There are no perfect OOTD tips. In my opinion, different individuals have their own unique personality and style, there shouldn't be a standard formula to pursue. My make-up essentials varies on the occasion and my mood. But one thing I will never ever leave my house without is my sunblock and brows drawn.

3. Your pictures have a Korean-inspired feel. What do you like about Korean fashion/culture?
Korean fashion does not emphasise on branded goods. Fashion to me is about comfort and you do not have to wear branded goods to be fashionable.
4. Where do you usually shop? What are your favourite fashion and beauty brands?
I shop at Topshop and ASOS most often. I do not have a standard beauty brand to go for because I like to try out different brands.
5. Describe your usual get-up.
T-shirt, jeans and flipflops!

6. How would you describe your pictures? Where do you find inspiration for them?
My pictures are events and stuff that are related to my life. I find inspiration everywhere, online and offline.
7. Pants or skirts. Which would you choose and how would you pair it?
Pants FTW (for the win)! T-shirt of course!
8. Any future plans, such as designing your own label?
I'm currently in the process of launching my handcrafted bag brand @storeunda - it should be meeting the crowd sometime in April 2015.

9. From your Instagram page, we can see you're an avid traveller. Which are your favourite cities to visit?
Who does not love travelling? I crave to explore any city and island but I particularly love beaches.
10. What's your New Year Resolution for 2015?
To provide greater and richer content on my social media platforms and perhaps touch a little more on travelling and arts. To grow my bag brand and hopefully have more opportunities for exhibiting my art works.

Check out more of the Valerie Wang X QStyle Campaign here:

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