Is Zayn Malik Taking Us On A Rollercoaster Ride?

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Hi Huneybees,

On Wednesday's trending list, I was tinkled pink as Zayn Malik was on the top of the list. This ex-One Direction member has quit the chart-topping boyband after 5 years to "live the life of a normal 22 year old, out of the spotlight"

This news got his fans doing a major meltdown with crying videos and even a petition for compassionate leave. I was baffled with ten thousand "HUH?!"in my head, wondering what spells he has casted to get such a response???

Making amends: Zayn publicly apologised after being pictured with his arm around Lauren Richardson and told his fans, 'I'm sorry for what it looks like'
Zayn's decision to leave the band came after he was signed off the current tour with 'stress,' in the aftermath of cheating rumours that surrounded viral pictures that saw him cuddling up to a young, blonde holidaymaker Lauren Richardson in Thailand last week.

But after today's latest update, all those tears might prove to be in vain. Zayn himself just confirmed that he WILL be embarking on a solo career. Speaking to The Sun just six hours after saying that he wanted to be 'out of the spotlight', Zayn confirmed that his plan was to: 'Be myself for a bit. Write and relax and chill.'


He expressed that he had 'never felt more in control in my life' and was seen heading to a recording studio in London the very next day, with reports that he's already working on his first solo release with a chart topping music producer - 
Naughty Boy

I'm feeling a little cheated and misled.
Wonder if this is a new marketing strategy or his way of playing an April Fools' joke. 
What do you think?

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