Where Is Chicken Rice From? Who Started The Kallang Wave? Tiger Beer Has The Answer!

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Hi Huneybees,

My friends were simply as curious as me when this crate was delivered to my doorstep. What is the Unofficial Official History Of Singapore?! My little friends did some dusting, going all Sherlock Holmes and decided to open the mysterious crate.

Addressed to me and something from Tiger Beer? Hmmm, I still have to use a crow bar to open the crate. Super duper mysterious, I am seriously burning in suspense. Are you?????    >.<

Okok! Enough with the suspense, it is actually a top secret file accompanied with my favourite party drink - Tiger Beer in bottled and canned form! But wait, something's a little different, did they change their packaging? It feels like I just opened a time capsule, I have got to read the files first...

Wow! Apparently this crate was discovered in an abandoned pre-war bunker at the foot of Mount Faber! Along with the vintage 1965 Tiger Beer drinks, there are also old photos and shocking artifacts from out nation's past that will shed light on 2 of our iconic treasures - Kallang Wave and Chicken Rice!

Wah! Seems like it's really a time blast from the past! With SG50 coming up and the nation celebrating the golden jubilee, Tiger Beer with its strong affiliation with Singapore, has launched this new campaign to inspire Singaporeans to look st ourselves with a new perspective. 

Drawing inspiration from the very first Tiger Beer produced in 1965, we are going back in time to explore the origins of some of Singapore's icons with a light hearted manner. 

Where is Chicken Rice from? 

Everyone have been trying claim the rights, but what if the truth lies with this video interview from Tiger Beer that will be launched on 16 March 2015?! You have got to catch it at tigerbeer.com.sg, to find out the truth!

Photo Credits: www.myactivesg.com
The other icon in highlight is the Kallang Wave. So, we have been doing it over and over at every celebrate Singapore event, but who was the one who came up with the idea?

Well, Tiger Beer has found him! He is Chu Beng Huat and you have got to watch this exclusive interview of him sharing his incredible rags-to-riches story. It will only be available at tigerbeer.com.sg on 23 March 2015, but be sure to watch it to discover the Kallang Wave history!

So, whilst we are waiting for the videos, let's lay back and relax, enjoy these amazing Tiger Beers from 1965!

These limited edition adaptations of the classic 1965 themed Tiger Beer cans, pints and bottles are here to celebrate Singapore's 50th Anniversary and you will be able to find 4 specially designed SG50 15-can (330ml) packs from 16 March 2015 at all major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Each pack comes with a limited edition T-shirt which also comes in 4 different collectible design. And if you are looking to get a more exclusive limited edition SG50 T-shirt, be sure to purchase a bucket of Tiger pints at S$50 at all the participating bars and outlets!

But I would say the must-get has got to be the specially designed vintage analogue watch and pen! They are only redeemable when you collect the corresponding crown liners from the limited edition SG50 quart bottles (633ml), that's available at all coffeeshops and hawker centres islandwide! Yipee!!!!

Ok, now I've got all the information sent out, it's time for me and my friends to enjoy some chilled Tiger Beer! CHEERS!!!

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